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Whether you want to swap Teflon for healthier cookware or avoid lead-leaching ceramics, our actionable guides, comparisons, and product reviews will get you there fast.

Who We Are & What We Do

Hey there! I’m Adam, product sourcer, designer, and founder of TGL Designs. Since 2016, I’ve specialized in enhancing the safety and performance of kitchen and dining items.

My expertise includes sourcing from global manufacturers, identifying design issues, and conducting rigorous material tests for safety.

This journey has honed my ability to spot subpar materials and deceptive marketing tactics brands use to push high-profit junk.

By leveraging this expertise, our blog offers unbiased, evidence-based guides on the safest kitchenware items. Our medical partner, Dr. Ahmad Alsayes, MBBS, rigorously fact-checks all health claims for accuracy (like those on plastic chemicals).


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Reducing Pollution

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