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Top 7 Non-Toxic Waffle Makers in 2024: PFAS-Free Picks

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Choosing a non-toxic waffle maker is wise, as most non-stick options use PFAS coatings that link to health concerns. Ceramic waffle makers are a safer choice, though not all ceramic coatings are created equal.

Aside from limited concerns about nano-titanium in ceramic (more on that later), most “non-toxic” waffle irons are misleading. They boast “PFOA-free” or “PTFE-free” labels while still containing PFAS.

Only items labeled PFAS-free, like Greenpan’s Elite – our top pick, truly avoid these chemicals. On the other hand, cast iron waffle makers stand out as the safest bet. Yet, their manual operation can be tedious (tips below).

So, we compare both materials to help you decide which waffle iron best suits you. After thorough research and testing, we found the top seven safest waffle makers in ceramic and cast iron – each 100% PFAS-free. We also get to the bottom of non-stick safety so you know which options to avoid.

Let’s get started.

Medically-reviewed by Dr. Ahmad Alsayes, MBBS

What is the best non-toxic waffle maker? Top picks at a glance:

Are Non-Stick Waffle Makers Safe?

—Understanding non-stick safety & avoiding misleading PFAS coatings

Most traditional non-stick waffle makers use PFAS coatings. PFAS is an umbrella term for thousands of chemicals, the most common being PTFE (or Teflon). Initially, companies used the PFAS chemicals PFOA/ OS to produce Teflon. But, due to environmental and health concerns, they were phased out by 2013.

But does this mean non-stick waffle makers are safer today? Not necessarily.

PFOA’s replacement, GenX, was considered a safer alternative and led to the marketing of “PFOA-free” waffle makers and cookware. However, a 2020 study linked GenX to liver damage in pregnant mice, raising safety concerns.

While its human health effects are not yet fully understood, we do know that GenX is a PFAS chemical. And recent studies show that PFAS exposure is associated with:

And we still don’t know at what exposure level PFAS becomes unsafe. But we do know these “forever chemicals” can accumulate in the body over time.

That’s why I recommend avoiding non-stick waffle makers unless clearly marked “PFAS-free.” Be wary of products labeled “PFOA and PTFE-free” that don’t mention being free of all PFAS. Some brands use proprietary coatings containing any one of thousands of PFAS.

But this doesn’t mean we must ditch all non-stick waffle irons… We just need to be more careful with reading labels.

What Makes a Waffle Maker Non-Toxic? Best Materials Compared

The best materials for a non-toxic waffle maker are those free from PFAs and other harmful chemicals in standard non-stick.

Due to PFAS’s widespread use, our options for safe waffle maker materials remain limited. We have cast iron (safest but tedious) or ceramic-coated (not perfect, but the most practical).

Let’s compare them:


Who each type is best for:

  • Cast iron waffle makers: Best for those who value durability and safety above convenience. They demand more effort due to their manual operation but reward you with a coating-free, naturally non-stick surface.
  • Ceramic waffle makers: For those who prefer ease of use and convenience, with automatic settings and easy cleanup. It’s vital to avoid using metal utensils or abrasives on ceramic. *These coatings can be fragile and demand care for consistent non-stick performance.

*A quick note: While ceramic-coated options are a safer Teflon alternative, they aren’t perfect; they’re a compromise. Let’s quickly compare ceramic and Teflon’s non-stick performance:

Teflon Vs. Ceramic Waffle Makers: Performance Differences

Teflon coatings use PFAS chemicals, whereas ceramic coatings use a PFAS-free, silica-based (sand-based) coating. Besides its safety, ceramic coatings differ from Teflon in the following:

  • Non-stick performance: After testing both for years, I’ve noticed that Teflon can effectively prevent sticking without oil. Ceramic coatings, on the other hand, often need a little oil to achieve similar non-stick results.
  • Durability/ lifespan: Ceramic coatings tend to lose their non-stick qualities sooner than Teflon.

With ceramic waffle irons, you’re trading some non-stick performance and durability for safety. To me, this is a worthwhile compromise due to the health and environmental risks of PFAS.

With that covered, let’s now look at our top seven picks (and how we chose them).

7 Best Teflon-Free Waffle Makers (100% PFAS-Free): Reviewed

How we chose our picks:

  • PFAS-Free Check: Verified each waffle maker was free from PFAS, lead, and cadmium, starting with product descriptions. We contacted the manufacturers directly if their website did not give us this info.
  • Elimination of Options: Removed brands like Presto’s Ceramic Flipside, Oster’s DuraCeramic, and Calphalon’s Intellicrisp. They specified PFOA/ PTFE-free but could not explicitly state they were PFAS-free. This means they’re likely using a proprietary PFAS coating.
  • Feature and Price Assessment: Considered features and price points of PFAS-free models, ensuring we had a range from budget-friendly to high-end, feature-rich options ($29 – $300+).
  • Brand Reputation: Evaluated the historical reputation of each brand for positive or negative trends.
  • Expert and User Consultation: Consulted with experts and long-term users of each option. I also leveraged my experience cooking with cast iron and ceramic cookware for years.

After that, we were left with the list of seven below. These aren’t just PTFE- and PFOA-free waffle makers; they are 100% PFAS-free. Options are listed in descending order by price.

1. Greenpan Elite Ceramic Waffle Maker with Removable Plates (4-Square)

Best for Big Families

  • Material/ coating: Thermolon™ Volt ceramic waffle plates
  • Removable plates? Yes
  • Dishwasher-safe inserts? Yes
  • Size/ weight: 12” x 13.7” x 5.7” | 13 lb
  • Price when published: $359.99 (Greenpan); $199.99 (Amazon)
  • Warranty: 2-year
  • 100% PFAS-free non-stick
  • Includes two sets of removable plates for Belgian & classic-style waffles
  • Adjustable shade and crunch control; indicator lights
  • Backlit LCD
  • Batter overflow reservoir
  • Expensive
  • Relatively slow to heat
  • Might be too bulky to leave out on tight countertops (12” x 13.7” footprint and 13 lbs)

Unlike misleading DuraCeramic coatings, Greenpan’s Elite 4-Square uses PFAS-free ceramic waffle plates. This means no toxic fumes, even during extended high-temperature use.

The waffle maker itself is user-friendly and perfect for large families, as it cooks four waffles at once.

I appreciate the simple Start/ Stop button and rotary dial. With it, you can easily choose between Classic or Belgian waffles. And Greenpan throws in two sets of removable, dishwasher-safe plates: one for each waffle type. You can further customize each batch’s texture using the adjustable shade and crunch settings.

I found that while the Greenpan Elite heats somewhat slowly, it distributes heat evenly for a uniform waffle texture. Side reservoirs to catch overspill are present, and the vertical locking feature accommodates storage in tight cabinets.

After use, I recommend hand washing the plates to preserve the ceramic coating, as dishwashers can shorten their lifespan. Cleaning is easy anyway, as the batter residue is quickly released from the surface. The key is using a little oil (sprayed or brushed-on) to ensure food release. Wood or silicone utensils also help prolong the ceramic’s “non-stickiness.”

Lastly, note that this 4-square unit isn’t cheap. The waffle makers below are more suitable for tighter budgets (or those not needing a 4-square model).

2. Greenpan Elite Ceramic Waffle Maker with Removable Plates (2-Square)

Overall Best Ceramic Waffle Maker

  • Material/ coating: Thermolon™ Volt ceramic waffle plates
  • Removable plates? Yes
  • Dishwasher-safe inserts? Yes
  • Size/ weight: 12” x 9” x 5.7” | 8.6 lb
  • Price when published: $289.99 (Greenpan); $199.95 (Amazon)
  • Warranty: 2-year
  • 100% PFAS-free non-stick
  • Includes two sets of removable plates for Belgian & classic-style waffles
  • Adjustable shade and crunch control; indicator lights
  • Backlit LCD
  • Batter overflow reservoir
  • Expensive
  • Relatively slow to heat

Greenpan’s Elite 2-square waffle maker is a more cost-effective version of the 4-square model. While you do sacrifice the capacity to cook four waffles at once, it can save you cash.

Its affordability doesn’t skimp on features, however. You still get two removable, dedicated waffle plates for classic and Belgian styles.

It also leaves out confusion, with automated settings including a “Texture” button and a “Light/Dark” dial. Do the kids prefer light and fluffy, while you prefer dark and crunchy? Use the dial to customize the shade and texture of each batch, with settings displayed on an LCD.

Post-use cleanup is simple thanks to Greenpan’s PFAS-free Thermolon ceramic coating. Just wipe the batter residue right off before it sits and hardens. Although dishwasher-safe, I still advise hand-washing the plates to preserve their “non-stickiness.” (I’ve ruined a ceramic skillet or two by not following this advice.)

With this unit’s versatility and fairer pricing (compared to the 4-square), it’s my top pick overall. That said, it’s still expensive ($200+). So consider numbers four or five below for similar yet cheaper alternatives.

3. Appalachian Cast Iron Pre-Seasoned Waffle Iron (7” Round)

Overall Best Cast Iron Waffle Maker

  • Material/ coating: 100% cast iron; pre-seasoned
  • Dishwasher-safe? No
  • Size/ weight: 14.5” x 7” x 2.75” | 14 lbs
  • Waffle size: 7” round; 0.5” thickness
  • Price when published: $194.99 (Amazon); $225 (Direct)
  • Warranty: 30-day trial; lifetime for defects
Appalachian Cast Iron
  • Coating-free, increasingly non-stick seasoning layer that lasts a lifetime
  • Effectively pre-seasoned
  • US-made, heirloom-quality cast iron
  • Excellent heat retention and waffle texture
  • Very fun to use
  • Manual operation takes practice, especially if you’re new to cast iron
  • Not ideal for those seeking automation
  • Pricey
  • Demands maintenance
  • Heavy

Appalachian Cast Iron produces its US-made waffle makers from 100% pure iron. This option is entirely coating-free, using a “less-stick” seasoning layer instead. This differs from ceramic and Teflon as it gets more non-stick over time, not less. That said, this waffle iron lacks the convenience of the electronic models. Its manual stovetop operation can take some practice, as sticking is a common issue with cast iron.

But a few tips can prevent sticking almost entirely. I’ve found that you have to preheat the waffle iron (no higher than medium heat) until it’s screaming hot. The water drop test is a good way to know when the iron is hot enough. Once preheated, apply a thin coat of high smoke point oil. Add your batter after letting the oil heat for 10-20 seconds. Boom! These are the same tips I use to cook eggs in my Lodge skillet with minimal sticking every time.

Again, while demanding more effort, cast iron waffle makers are the safest option and can last for decades.

Plus, this thing is just plain fun to use! I love its unique (and satisfying) ball and socket joint and American aesthetics. The eagle-stamped top plate and 50 syrup-cradling stars imprinting each waffle are just plain cool. The coil springs on the handle are another nice touch. They worked well to prevent discomfort, even while the waffle iron itself was screaming hot.

After use, remember you must hand wash and dry cast iron to prevent rust. And it’s not as easy to wipe clean as ceramic-coated plates. Also, use caution with smooth top stoves, as the bottom’s texture may scratch the glass top.

Lastly, with its steep price tag, Rome cast iron is better suited for more limited budgets.

4. Greenpan Bistro Non-Toxic Belgian Waffle Maker (2-Square)

Best Mid-Tier Ceramic Waffle Maker

  • Material/ coating: Thermolon™ Volt ceramic waffle plates
  • Removable plates? No
  • Dishwasher-safe? (Inserts): N/A
  • Size/ weight: 12.8” x 11.4” x 5.3” | 8.8 lbs
  • Price when published: $185.99 (Greenpan); $129.95 (Amazon)
  • Warranty: 2-year
  • 100% PFAS-free non-stick
  • Adjustable shade and crunch control; indicator lights
  • Backlit LCD
  • Large overflow moat
  • Relatively slow to heat
  • The waffle plate is not removable

Greenpan’s Bistro 2-Square waffle maker is a more budget-friendly cousin to their Elite model (#2).

It offers a comparable option for around $100 less. Feature-wise, the Bistro mirrors Calphalon’s Intellicrisp but differs in its coating. This model uses Greenpan’s PFAS-free ceramic; the Intellicrisp is free from PFOA and PTFE, but not PFAS.

Like the Elite, the Bistro also simplifies cooking with five preset waffle settings: light and fluffy Belgian, crispy Classic (American), Chocolate, Buttermilk, and a Custom setting for adjusting the waffle shade from light to dark. These options are all displayed on an LCD.

The key difference between the Bistro and the pricier Elite lies in the waffle plates:

These are not removable, so they’re less convenient for cleanup. Also, while the Bistro accommodates American and Belgian waffles, its precision falls short of the Elite’s (dedicated inserts for each style). The Bistro’s grids are deep enough for Belgian, with a large overflow moat to catch excess batter. But, achieving thinner, classic-style waffles means using less batter, a process demanding some trial and error. So, this is mainly a Belgian waffle maker.

While the non-removable plates are a bit more tedious to clean, it’s not difficult. The key is to wipe away batter residue while the grids are still warm, preventing it from hardening. Avoid using abrasive scrubbers, which will shorten the coating’s lifespan.

Also, note the Bistro’s *$180+ price tag (*if bought direct; often cheaper on Amazon). Despite costing less than the Elite models, GreenLife (#5) offers a more authentic budget alternative at only $50.

5. GreenLife Ceramic Non-Stick Waffle/ Sandwich Duo (2-Square)

Best Budget Option with Removable Plates

  • Material/ coating: Ceramic waffle plates
  • Removable plates? Yes
  • Dishwasher-safe? (Inserts): Yes
  • Size/ weight: 9” x 9.5” x 4” | 4.4 lbs
  • Price when published: $49.99 (Greenpan); $39.99 (Amazon)
  • Warranty: 2-year
  • Very affordable
  • 100% PFAS-free non-stick
  • Includes two sets of removable plates for classic-style waffles & sandwiches
  • Ready indicator
  • Heats fast
  • No adjustable shade or crunch controls
  • No moat to collect the excess batter
  • No LCD

GreenLife’s ceramic waffle maker/ sandwich duo is a true budget-friendly alternative to the pricier options above. But despite costing only $40-$50, it’s jam-packed with value.

Like the $200+ Greenpan Elite, it features two removable plates. However, the waffle plate is for Classic style only, not Belgian. But its panini plate makes up for it, allowing this unit to double as a non-toxic sandwich maker. Pressed grilled cheese comes out excellent on it!

This model, too, uses a sand-derived, PFAS-free ceramic coating. Note it’s not as robust as Greenpan’s diamond-infused Thermolon, so avoiding metal utensils is crucial. Opt for hand-washing over dishwasher use to extend its lifespan (despite being dishwasher-safe). That said, the coating releases waffles easily, but it needs prompt cleaning to prevent stubborn batter residue.

My only real complaint is the small gap between the unit housing and the plates. It likes to trap batter, so be careful not to overpour. (There’s no overspill reservoir like Greenpan Elite.)

Using the GreenLife model is straightforward. It lacks preset functions and adjustable shade controls found in higher-end models. But, you do get a handy indicator light: green when it’s ready for batter and red while cooking, turning green again once your waffle finishes—simple, straightforward, and zero confusion. As a plus, I’ve noticed it heats up quicker than Greenpan’s Elite.

Other practical features include rubber feet for stability and a locking handle for vertical storage. Between its compact size, removable plates, and low price, GreenLife offers a convenient choice for any kitchen size or budget.

6. Rome Old Fashioned Cast Iron (6.5” Round)

Best Budget-Friendly Cast Iron

  • Material/ coating: 100% cast iron
  • Dishwasher-safe? No
  • Size/ weight: 10” x 6.75” x 1” | 4 lbs
  • Waffle size: 6.5” round; 0.5” thickness
  • Price when published: $36 (Amazon)
  • Warranty: 5-year
  • Affordable
  • Coating-free, increasingly non-stick seasoning layer that lasts a lifetime
  • Excellent heat retention and waffle texture
  • Very fun to use
  • Not pre-seasoned
  • The manual operation takes practice, especially if you’re new to cast iron
  • Not ideal for those seeking automation
  • Demands maintenance to prevent rusting; not dishwasher-safe

Rome’s cast iron waffle maker is a budget-friendly alternative to the Appalachian model (#3). It’s also a 100% pure cast iron build without any coatings. However, it’s not pre-seasoned like the Appalachian, so waffles will stick more out of the box.

I recommend following the seasoning steps outlined in our non-stick alternatives guide. Once seasoned, its non-stick properties will improve through use. Despite that, proper preheating and oiling remain essential to prevent sticking— See my earlier tip (in #3) for heating and oiling.

When cleaning, remember that cast iron is not dishwasher-safe. Also, avoiding dish soap is best to prevent stripping the seasoning layer. The key is not letting batter debris get hard and dry, demanding heavy scrubbing. The best approach is to clean it while it’s still warm using hot water and a coarse brush. For stubborn residue, sea salt can bolster your scrubbing efforts.

While this waffle iron may lack the patriotic Appalachian’s “cool factor,” it compensates with practicality. It’s much lighter (only 4 lbs compared to 14), making it easier to handle and clean. Its smaller, less bulky size also simplifies storage, fitting into tight spaces with its one-inch thickness (compared to 2.75”).

A word of caution: the handle gets hot during use. I recommend a silicone handle sleeve for comfort. Lodge makes a compatible handle sleeve that only costs a few bucks.

7. Hawok Cast Iron (6.3” Square)

Most Variety

  • Material/ coating: 100% cast iron
  • Dishwasher-safe? No
  • Size/ weight: 11” x 6.3” x 1” | 4.1 lbs
  • Waffle size: 6.3” x 6.3” square; 0.75” thickness
  • Price when published: $29 (Amazon)
  • Warranty: 30-day
Hawok Cast Iron
  • Affordable
  • Coating-free, increasingly non-stick seasoning layer that lasts a lifetime
  • Excellent heat retention and waffle texture
  • Very fun to use
  • Demands initial re-seasoning
  • Manual operation takes practice, especially if you’re new to cast iron
  • Not ideal for those seeking automation
  • Demands maintenance to prevent rusting; not dishwasher-safe

The main difference between this waffle iron and Rome’s above is the waffle shapes available. Both are solid budget-friendly options, but this brand offers a variety of designs. These include a square waffle iron (pictured), heart-shaped, and even a long-handle campfire version.

Differing from Rome, Hawok advertises its waffle iron as pre-seasoned. However, I’ve found its pre-seasoning layer is less effective out of the box than Appalachian’s, with waffles sticking more easily.

So, I recommend stripping the pre-seasoning before first use. Scrub it down with dish soap, hot water, and the included scrubber brushes. Then, apply your own (proper) seasoning following our cast iron seasoning tips.

Once seasoned, testing showed performance to be on par with Rome’s waffle iron in cooking and cleaning. Remember to preheat and oil as advised above, and clean the iron while it’s still warm to prevent stubborn residue.

One thing to note: you may find this handle a bit short unless you grab the long-handled version. A handle sleeve is a good idea as the short handle gets hot (especially on gas stoves).

How to Choose: Buying Factors & Features to Consider

Health and safety are the #1 priority when seeking the best non-Teflon waffle makers. The options above aren’t just Teflon-free, but 100% PFAS-free, lead, and cadmium-free.

Safety – check.

The next step is to consider the following features. Doing so will ensure your choice also meets your functionality and convenience needs:

1. Removable plates and cleaning ease: Waffle makers with removable plates streamline handwashing and maintenance. They’re often dishwasher-safe, too. Ceramic coatings aid in cleanup by repelling food debris:

  • Recommendations: Numbers one, two, and five above, featuring removable plates and ceramic coatings, are the easiest to clean. Note that cast iron is generally harder to clean and is never dishwasher-safe.

2. Temperature Control: Adjustable temperature settings enable precise control over waffle texture and doneness. With simple button presses or knob twists, you can choose from light golden brown to dark and crispy:

  • Recommendations: Numbers one, two, and four offer this feature, automating the cooking process to suit your waffle texture preferences.

3. Indicator Lights/Sounds: Visual and auditory indicators signal when the waffle maker is preheated and when cooking completes, eliminating guesswork:

  • Recommendations: All the above options, except for the cast iron selections, feature these handy cooking indicators.

4. Waffle size and shape options: Waffle makers come in various sizes and shapes, from classic square or round to Belgian-style. Consider which type you prefer and how many people you cook for:

  • Best recommendations: Greenpan’s Elite line (#’s one and two) include interchangeable plates for both waffle types. The first model (4-square) is ideal for large families. The second model (2-square) is more affordable, though it only cooks two at a time.
  • Budget recommendations: The most affordable Belgian-only waffle maker is the Greenpan Bistro (#4). For classic style, go with the GreenLife Duo (#5).

5. Storage: Compact designs (or designs allowing for vertical storage) can save space in smaller kitchens:

  • Recommendations: Number two, four, and five are the lightest and easiest-storing ceramic options. Each features a locking lid for vertical storage. Greenpan Elite 4-square (number one) also locks, but it’s big and heavy.

6. Durability/ lifespan: A well-built, durable waffle maker ensures long-term use and reliability. While all options above are well-made, ceramic coatings wear out eventually:

  • Recommendations: Appalachian Cast Iron (#3) is the top choice for unmatched durability. If cast iron isn’t for you, the next best choices are numbers one, two, and four. They feature Thermolon, a diamond-infused ceramic coating optimized for longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ceramic-coated waffle makers truly safe?

Ceramic waffle makers are a safer bet. They’re typically aluminum waffle plates coated with a glossy, silicon-based surface, hence the term “ceramic.” Although made without PFAS, there’s concern about nano-titanium dioxide leaching from ceramic coatings. A 2016 study linked chronic exposure to nano-titanium dioxide to: immune disruption, pre-cancerous gut lesions, and environmental issues.

However, according to another recent study in 2021, Titanium dioxide nanoparticles are still the safer option when compared to other metal oxide nanomaterials. That being said, the total health risks of nano-titanium dioxide are not entirely known yet. Further research is required. And not all ceramic coatings contain nano-titanium; this varies by brand and product.

But we do know all traditional non-stick coatings use PFAS, making ceramic a safer bet. Opt for reputable brands known for quality and transparency, such as Greenpan, to ensure safety.

How do you clean a ceramic waffle maker?

  1. Turn the unit off and ensure it has cooled enough to avoid the risk of burns.
  2. Wipe the plates with a damp sponge and dish soap to remove the leftover batter, ideally while the plates are still warm and the batter is loose.
  3. Clean the exterior with a damp cloth or sponge.
  4. Dry before storing to prevent moisture buildup.

Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scouring pads, which can damage the ceramic surface. Also, some models may have removable, dishwasher-safe plates, but I recommend hand washing. Dishwashers can reduce ceramic’s non-stick lifespan.

Do all non-stick waffle makers use Teflon?

Not all non-stick waffle makers use Teflon, but most contain PFAS chemicals. Teflon (PTFE) is simply the most common PFAS coating. Even some coatings labeled “ceramic” often contain PFAS. The only PFAS-free non-stick waffle makers include seasoned cast iron and specific ceramic-coated options.

Can Non-Toxic Waffle Makers Achieve the Same Results as Standard Ones?

Yes. Modern ceramic waffle makers offer excellent non-stick properties without the health and environmental risks of standard coatings. They produce the same waffle quality and texture. However, I’ve found Teflon to be more durable and longer-lasting than ceramic coatings. Thus, avoiding abrasives is vital to preserving ceramic’s lifespan.

Is Titanium-infused DuraCeramic Safe?

Sort of. Titanium-infused DuraCeramic is a non-stick coating that is technically Teflon-free, using a proprietary PTFE-free coating. Despite the “ceramic” in “DuraCeramic,” however, this coating is misleading. It is not 100% PFAS-free like Greenpan.

Final Thoughts & Recommendations

I love waffles. But, I do not love PFAS “forever chemicals” getting into my food and lungs, or polluting our waterways.

PFAS-free waffle makers, such as ceramic and cast iron, offer peace of mind by eliminating these risks. By choosing safer materials for waffle makers, you can reduce exposure to harmful chemicals and help reduce environmental pollution. 

My top recommendations: Grabbing the best non-toxic waffle maker for your needs comes down to deciding what features you want while staying within your budget. Of course, lower-cost options generally will have fewer bells and whistles.

  • For the least-expensive yet easiest-to-use option, go with the GreenLife Duo (#5) at only $50. Just note there’s no temperature control
  • If budget isn’t a concern, Greenpan’s Elite 2-square (#2) or 4-square (#1) offer the best settings and features available

Happy Wafflin’

P.S. Explore our plastic-free coffee maker guide (or our non-toxic kettle comparison for tea drinkers) for a completely non-toxic breakfast!

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