About Us

Hey, I’m Adam. Welcome to my site!

Here’s a quick little background on myself.

Early on…

Growing up, I always LOVED the outdoors.

A big nature freak.

Here was my day as a kid:

  • Step 1: Wake up.
  • Step 2: Go out in the woods and build tree forts, play in leaves, manhunt, really anything to not be in the house.
  • Step 3: Come home when the street lights came on (mom’s orders).
  • Step 4: Wash off layers of mud, apply bandaids, and repeat the next day.

Anyway, fast forward to early adulthood.

I decided to join the Marine Corps after high school but had an extensive medical history.

It took almost five years of back and forth with paperwork, doctor evaluations, and you name it.

I had commitment.

But in the end, it didn’t work out for me, and I was devastated.

I wanted to serve and protect but couldn’t due to medical “limitations.”

You would never know by looking at me, but “on paper,” I was all jacked up.

So, I began seeking ways to do something good for the world.

The start of a new journey

From social media, mixed with the Jersey shore’s littered beaches, I became increasingly aware of plastic pollution and its effects on the environment.

Even deeper than pollution was the chemicals INSIDE of these single-use plastic items.

Chemicals that we unknowingly consume every day.

More on that later.

With some like-minded friends, we got the idea to start a positive movement and community online.

We wanted to provide safer products and information to keep people, animals, and the planet safer.

(Our own little contribution for the greater good).

But there was a problem…

I couldn’t write to save my life, nor do anything else with computers.

Instead, I was a pure knuckle-dragger, able to do pushups; that’s about it!

But what I did have – an unrelenting commitment.

The same commitment which had kept me pursuing the military for 4 1/2 years after high school.

Gaining experience

I began pouring through thousands of articles, research papers, material safety sheets; you name it.

I became obsessed with my newfound pursuit.

Throughout the journey, I started to notice things.

More specifically, the sneaky chemicals that manufacturers hide in products with misleading information.

Clever marketing tactics to sell more and make you believe the product is safer than it is.

So, by researching and speaking with large companies about their materials, I started piecing together information.

Information on how to prevent toxins (and waste) in the most critical place.

The kitchen.

This is where we prepare meals, eat, and unknowingly ingest some “extra ingredients.”

Simultaneously, I started making relationships in the kitchenware manufacturing industry and learning the ins and outs.

Learning all about materials, processes, everything.

Instead of just reading about it, I wanted to get involved.

I got the idea to make something myself.

But do it right and with the utmost safety…

That led to our drinkware.

Children are the MOST vulnerable to unhealthy chemicals, so I wanted to start there with an innovative, multi-use, plastic-free cup.


Fast forward years later to today, you’ll find me still researching like a madman.

If I’m not doing that, I’m reading novels or experimenting in the kitchen with new cookware and recipes.

With my insider knowledge of product materials, manufacturing, and research…

I’m committed to bringing you insightful articles and guides on the regular.

Articles that are fun to read, easy to understand, and help you detoxify your kitchen (with the added benefit of saving money and reducing waste).

You can find all of those in our blog!

As always, my number one goal is to serve you (my readers and customers) with the highest level of service possible.

Both online with content and with physical products.

I’m easy to reach and respond to every email.

So, have a look around, say hi, and thanks for stopping by!