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7 Best Eco-friendly Water Bottles to Save the World (& Money)

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Do you know the money you waste on plastic bottles each year? The answer may surprise you. Ditching plastic for more eco-friendly water bottles doesn’t just save you money… It makes the world a better place to live – now and in the future.

So in this post, you’ll find the seven best eco-friendly bottles – reviewed, evaluated by design, materials, testing, and brand ethics. Each sustainable water bottle brand we chose donates a percentage of your money to help the planet.

But before that, we cover some shocking statistics regarding the plastic bottle pandemic to help convey the importance of lower-waste bottles.

Also, I walk you through an eye-opening example of the money people waste on plastic… Then, the exact dollar amount you can save per year with a reusable bottle.

By the end of this post, you’ll gain everything you need to make a positive impact on the world.

So let’s get started!

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The Shocking Truth about Plastic – Why Switch to Reusable Water Bottles

Plastic mountain showing Why to Switch to Reusable Water Bottles

Plastic production literally outweighs the human population – and the numbers are only growing.

Picture this: If everyone on earth stepped on a (gigantic) scale, we’d weigh a collective 316 million tons, according to LiveScience.

Yet, in 2019 alone, humans produced 368 million tons of plastic, according to Statista. And half of that is used once, then thrown away forever.

481.8 billion water bottles are part of that yearly plastic. That’s enough to create a pile three times taller than the Empire State Building, Reuters explains.

And only 9% of that plastic gets recycled.

So aside from wasting space in landfills, ruining air quality, and littering roadways, about 8 million tons of plastic bottles invade the ocean every year.

And this number is growing – some estimate plastic will outnumber fish by 2050.

How plastic kills wildlife

Once in the ocean or landfill, plastic bottles take 450-1000 years to degrade. Over that time, the plastic breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces.

Bits that resemble food to fish, birds, and turtles.

National Geographic explains how once consumed:

“The plastic blocks digestive tracts, diminishes the urge to eat, and alters feeding behavior, all of which reduce growth and reproductive output.”

As a result, 100,000 marine mammals die each year from this pollution.

The half-pound of plastic you eat and drink every year

microplastic on dinner plate shaped like a fish

The Environmental Science and Technology journal says an average person eats, drinks, and inhales 74,000 microplastic pieces a year – totaling about 250 grams.

And this plastic contains hormone and organ-disrupting chemicals like BPA, phthalates, and flame retardants. Kids and unborn babies are especially vulnerable, WebMD states.

But here’s a bomb NatGeo dropped that’s very relevant to this post:

Those who drink only bottled water suck down an EXTRA 90,000 microplastic pieces per year.

Believe it or not, this is a modest estimate. The reality is likely much higher.

Those using reusable, non-plastic water bottles and drinking filtered tap water? Only an extra 4,000.

The Money You Waste on Water Bottles Each Year

cash on fire

Thought Co’s experiment found that all popular water brands on Amazon cost an average of $0.70 per 16.9oz bottle.

Now let’s assume you buy bulk cases and drink four 16.9oz bottles daily.

You’ll spend $2.80 per day and about $1,022 per year. If you don’t bulk buy, you can expect to pay over $2,000.

How to save $1k per year with eco-friendly reusable water bottles

The American Water Works found the average cost for 1 gallon of tap water is $0.004.

Bottled water costs around $5.29 per gallon – over 1,300x the price!

So, imagine this…

Let’s say you snag a quality reusable water bottle from the list below (it’ll last indefinitely).

Then, you grab a Brita faucet filter for $24 – it lasts about four months. You buy two extra filters at $11.93 each for the rest of the year. Altogether, that’s only $48 for a full year of clean, filtered water.

Drinking four bottles per day, plus the $0.004 gallon of tap water, you arrive at a total yearly cost of only $48.77 per person!

Now compare that to bottled water. You just saved $973.23 per person instead of handing it to water company executives.

Also, you kept roughly 1,328 plastic bottles from littering the environment (remember, only 9% recycled).

See how impactful zero-waste water bottles can be? Let’s dive into those now.

7 Best Eco-friendly Water Bottle Brands Reviewed

Image source: Amazon

Stainless steel and glass rank as the most eco-friendly materials for water bottles. Silicone is another non-toxic choice, but it’s a bit annoying to handle – too much flexibility.

But material alone isn’t everything. We must look at the company selling the bottle tooWhat’s their mission? Their values?

That’s why I chose water bottles based on design, performance, and ethics.

These companies follow eco-friendly business practices, provide clean water to those in poverty, plant trees with every sale, and drive ocean-cleaning projects, to name a few.


Image Source: Klean Kanteen and Amazon

1,566 reviews

The Bottle

Klean Kanteen’s plastic-free insulated water bottle is a low-cost yet impressive piece of gear.

Its double-wall insulation keeps water cold for up to 50 hours on scorching summer days. Coffee and tea remain hot for up to 12 hours.

And with a sweat-proof exterior and leak-proof bottle cap, you can chuck the bottle in your bag without fear of soaking electronics inside.

If you want more options, Klean Kanteen has you covered:

Choose from a 20oz or 32oz size (both fit in standard cup holders), seven color options, and several cap styles like the Sportwhich all fit this bottle.

But Klean Kanteen doesn’t stop here.

They offer coffee tumblers, food jars, steel pint cups, and 12oz Kid Kanteens – all crafted from rugged, 35% recycled stainless steel.

All products come with a lifetime warranty.

The Brand

This company really shines after the sale. As a 1% for the Planet member, 1% of each sale goes to nonprofits to help human and environmental health. Klean gave over three million dollars to date.

Also, they’re a certified B Corp with 100% carbon neutral water bottle production and distribution. Klean’s headquarters uses 100% solar energy.


Image Source: Hydro Flask and Amazon

35,784 reviews

The Bottle

Sometimes, simple is better. And this proves true for Hydro Flask.

The minimalist design, premium materials, and bold colors have stirred up the eco-friendly bottle market – raking in over 24,000 5-star reviews.

You can choose from the ten simple, vibrant colors and either 32oz or 40oz sizes.

As for performance, Hydro Flask’s TempShield technology keeps your water cool for 24 hours and coffee hot throughout the entire workday

Or, bring hot water to work for a fresh cup of plastic-free tea in the afternoon!

The powder-coated exterior prevents both sweating and slipping. So, no puddles on your desk or unexpected juggling.

A BPA-free flip-top sports cap and easy-carry loop handle make it easy to stay hydrated while you adventure.

And speaking of adventure, Hydro Flask has you covered. Grab Insulated food jars, pint tumblers, jumbo 64oz bottles, kid-friendly 12oz versions, and even hydration packs for the serious hiker.

Best of all, you get a limited lifetime warranty on everything!

The Brand

Hydro Flask created Parks for All, a program supporting 122 nonprofits with a percentage of each sale. They maintain public green spaces and miles of trails.

To date, Hydro has collected over 14,000lbs of polluted waste and donated over $1.9 million. Also, they’ve donated over 55,953 of their bottles so far.

This green water bottle brand is all about promoting healthy, eco-friendly outdoor adventures.


Image Source: S'well and Amazon

10,129 reviews

The Bottle

Since 2010, S’well has carved its own slice of the water bottle market. A beautiful duo of function and fashion.

This iconic bottle features an innovative triple-layer design with Therma S’well technology. Iced water stays cold for 36+ hours and hot for a whopping 18.

It’ll never sweat and leave moisture rings on your desk, either.

The 25oz is even more impressive – locking in the cold for an insane 56 hours and heat for 26! A user in Qatar says his water stays cool all day despite the 100+℉ heat.

Now the fashion side.

S’well offers this bottle in over 38 eye-catching colors, prints, patterns, and textures. You can express your personality to a T.

With a child-sized 9oz version available, you can grab some for the kids too. All sizes fit nicely in any standard cup holder.

S’well doesn’t just make bottles, either. Grab an insulated tumbler or beer koozie, food containers, and even barware – all available in the same endless designs.

And all products come with a 1-year warranty.

The Brand

S’well is a proud UNICEF member and donates a percentage of each sale to struggling communities in Madagascar.

They provide clean drinking water and promote safe hygiene practices in schools. Since 2017, S’well has donated $1.4 million to these causes.

S’well also supports Lonely Whale – a project working to reduce plastic entering the waterways.


Image Source: Tree Tribe and Amazon

922 reviews

The Bottle

Tree Tribe – a brand whose name will make perfect sense in a minute. But first, the bottle.

Of course, double-wall vacuum insulation comes standard. With it, the bottle keeps water cool for up to 24 hours; hot for 6-12 – not too shabby!

I love the lid on this thing. A natural bamboo crown sits on top of the steel cap, creating a stylish, eco-friendly vibe.

Also, the lid’s airtight silicone gasket helps further lock in temperature and freshness. One customer said how his soda remained crisp after an entire work shift.

That seal, plus the insulated design, means no sweating or leaking. So, no ruined electronics in your handbag.

Want a compatible flip-top sports cap? Tree Tribe has you covered if you need something better for exercise.

Last, this eco-friendly bottle comes in 20oz and 34oz sizes. All fit in standard vehicle cup holders. Plus, seven color and design options.

And protected by a lifetime warranty!

The Brand

Here’s where the brand name comes from.

When you buy a bottle, Tree Tribe plants a tree! So far, they’ve grown a stunning 400,000 in 12 countries. Kudos to you, Tribe!


Image Source: Welly

145 reviews

The Bottle

The Welly traveler has a similar design to S’well, but with a few key differences.

Like S’well, Welly uses triple-insulated stainless steel. Drinks stay cool for 24 hours and hot up to 14 – not as long as S’well, but pretty good!

A sweat-free exterior and leak-proof lid also keep your bag and desk dry.

But here’s where Welly stands apart (besides the shape)…

For one, this bottle sports a non-slip base wrapped with all-natural bamboo, adding a stylish vibe to the bottle.

And speaking of style, choose from ten art gallery-worthy designs and colors that will turn heads.

But my favorite part is the removable stainless steel infuser basket.

Drop a scoop of coffee into the basket and make a quick pour-over brew right in the bottle! Or, add a slice of lemon or tea leaves, pour in hot water, then close the lid.

The steam will constantly rise and bathe the tea, then drip back down – infusing your water on the way to work.

Available in this 18oz size and a jumbo 28oz version. Both fit all standard cup holders.

The Brand

Welly donates 1% of your money to charity.

They support communities in need worldwide with clean drinking wells and other water projects to better many lives.


Image Source: Origin and Amazon

320 reviews

The Bottle

Unlike the bottles above, Origin uses only rugged, thermal shock-resistant borosilicate glass.

Borosilicate remains stable under extreme temperature changes. So, the bottle won’t explode when you add hot water or coffee.

Plus, since there’s no metal, you can reheat beverages right in the microwave, and you’ll never notice metallic tastes.

Thanks to being see-through, you can easily monitor your hydration efforts.

A natural bamboo lid sits on top, and a stylish loop handle makes it easy to carry. The lid’s bottom is solid stainless steel, which keeps the bamboo from swelling and cracking. A silicone gasket eliminates leaks.

But my favorite part is the silicone sleeve each bottle comes wrapped with.

It adds grip, stops sweating, and absorbs shock from drops – preventing breakage. Available in 12 colors.

Origin also carries 16oz bottles, jumbo 32oz water bottles, and even stemless wine tumblers.

I couldn’t locate Origin’s warranty, but Amazon has their trusty 30-day refund policy if you need it.

The Brand

Origin donates 2% of every sale to organizations supporting those in extreme poverty.

They help provide clean water wells, electricity-generating merry-go-rounds for school kids, and other contributions to rural Ghana.


Image Source: Boxed Water and Amazon

1,197 reviews

The Bottle

Look, in a perfect world, you’ll always have your reusable water bottle ready to go…

But maybe you forgot it at work. Or perhaps it’s stuck in a dishwasher cycle as you rush out the door.

Whatever the case, you want a fallback plan. But one that’s not plastic!

That’s where Boxed Water comes in, offering 92% plant-based, sustainable/ disposable water bottles.

They use a blend of 66% paper (from FSC-certified forests), 26% plant-based bioplastic, 5% aluminum foil, and only 3% plastic (a safety barrier to ensure the 2-year shelf life).

So, these cartons have a 100% recyclability rate, rather than 9%.

Plus, you can (safely) reuse them as long as you want, too. See how much more eco-friendly than plastic water bottles?

You can get Boxed Water in this 24-pack, or 12-packs of 16.9oz cartons. Also available in 8.5oz for kids or party favors, 11.2oz, and large 33.8oz carton packs.

The Brand

Boxed Water is a 1% for the Planet member. So, 1% of each sale goes to an eco-friendly cause.

Also, if you post an image featuring Boxed Water on social media with the hashtag #BetterPlanet, they plant two trees in your name!

This brand also partnered with Ocean Blue Project to clean 3,000 miles of beaches.


If you want to step up your eco-friendliness game, a reusable water bottle is the best way to do it.

You can save money and help protect the planet at the same time!

The seven best eco-friendly water bottles we’ve reviewed are all excellent choices for anyone looking to make a positive impact on the world… And save some cash in the process 🙂

So, which bottle will you choose?

Happy sippin’

P.S. Now that you have your reusable bottle for on the go, what about your food and snack containers?

Check out our post on the ten safest, non-toxic food containers to pair with your new eco-friendly bottle!

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