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7 Best (& Safest) Non-Toxic Slow Cookers for your Family

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Non-toxic slow cookers make life way easier (and healthier), but…

Not if you pick the wrong one – hence why I began with non-toxic.

The truth is, some slow cooker inserts bathe food in toxins like lead and PFAS chemicals.

Even worse, several manufacturers hide their safety testing information – that is, if they’ve even tested their crock pots.

So, which slow cookers are lead-free?

You’re in the right place to find out.

Below, you’ll discover the crock pots to avoid, how to tell if a slow cooker is toxic – quickly, and the seven best non-toxic slow cookers (reviewed).

Let’s dive in!

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Slow Cooker in the First Place

1. They save a ton of time, although the name states otherwise.

Think about it; you set your ingredients, go to sleep, wake up, go to work, then come home after a long day to a hot meal.

2. You have one pot to clean after dinner, not several. I don’t know about you, but I hate doing dishes!

3. They’re efficient. A cranked oven on hot days becomes a power-wasting, sweaty battle with your AC. Yet, a slow cooker runs unnoticed.

Quite the appliance.

Now before we continue, let’s squash a common slow cooking myth…

Does slow cooking destroy nutrients?

Slow cooking does not kill nutrition (necessarily).

Now, yes, the long cook times can squeeze nutrients out of your food. But…

4. Lost nutrients stay sealed inside the pot, then absorb back into the food’s juices.

Unlike boiling veggies and dumping that sweet nutrition down the drain.

Slow cooking also helps lessen AGE (glycotoxin) production in meat, according to Healthline. AGEs link to a heightened risk of heart and kidney disease.

Another huge benefit – FLAVOR.

5. Food sucks up more spices over long cook times.

And the trapped steam bastes and tenderizes meat, giving less pricey cuts 5-star texture.

So to sum it up, slow cookers save time yet boost flavor and nutrition.

Now let’s cut to the chase.

In the following two sections, you’ll see which slow cookers to avoid and why. Then, how to evade them.

The Threat of Non-Stick Slow Cookers


Ah, non-stick coatings… Gotta love ’em.

We all know the Teflon story. Manufacturers use it to coat many kitchen tools, from non-stick slow cookers and air fryers to cookware.

Teflon is convenient, sure, but are the PFAS chemicals used to make it safe?

EPA lab studies in animals show PFOA (a PFAS chemical used in Teflon) contributes to reproductive, developmental, liver, and kidney damage.

So, nowadays, non-stick slow cookers use other PFAS chemicals instead of PFOA. They display the label “PFOA-free,” but this is misleading in terms of safety.

The EPA’s toxicity assessment shows PFOA-free Teflon shares the same health risks as the original. So, you never truly know how safe these coatings are.


But don’t worry, soon you’ll see a little hack on finding safer non-stick finishes.

How non-stick coatings leach into your food

Heat, long cook times, and acidic foods can leach PFAS from worn-out non-stick coatings… Right into your food.

In fact, studies from NHANES (a national health program) show 98% of humans have PFAS in their blood.

Also, once a non-stick slow cooker becomes scratched, the exposed aluminum base metal can alter your food’s flavor and appearance.

Not cool.

Now, let’s look at the following risky material…

Ceramic Crock Pot Pitfalls

While ceramic crock pots have their place, a huge concern is the crock pot’s lead glaze.

I mean, why is there lead in crock pots in the first place?

Here’s why.

Manufacturers use lead glaze to seal porous ceramic. This way, the clay holds food without absorbing liquid.

Now, when adequately baked in a kiln, the ceramic’s lead glaze won’t leach. It’s sealed inside.

But, if baked wrong, lead can run loose like a river through a faulty water dam…

How lead leaches from faulty slow cooker glaze

Apart from faulty manufacturing, once a slow cooker’s surface gets scratched or cracked, lead leaches much easier.

But that’s not all. Several other factors contribute to leaching…

For example, slow cooking acidic foods like chili will leach lead faster.

And, according to PubMed, high heat speeds the process too, but even temperatures as low as 176℉ can release toxic metals.

They state lengthy cook times are another factor.

So, slow cookers, although less hot than other cooking methods, are a prime suspect.

Mix all of that with poorly manufactured ceramic; you get a recipe for disaster.

Health concerns of lead from faulty crock pots

Lead accumulates in your body.

So, even small amounts of regular exposure from slow cooking may cause problems over time.

In fact, blood lead levels as low as 5 micrograms can impact your health – according to the WHO.

Effects from lead poisoning include:

Stomach pain, vomiting, headaches, decreased intelligence, learning problems, high blood pressure, and kidney impairment, to name a few.

But, the good news – you can protect your family from lead exposure with a few simple steps.

5 Tips to Track Down Lead-Free Ceramic Slow Cookers (& Avoid Suspicious Non-Stick Coatings)


Of course, the quickest fix is to choose one of the lead-free crock pots below.

But, if you want to browse online for yourself, follow the tips below to identify lead and cadmium-free crock pots.

1. Check for California’s Proposition 65 labeling:

Since 1971, the FDA has enforced a three parts per million lead limit in ceramics (for food use).

And, California’s Proposition 65 has even stricter requirements than the FDA.

The ceramic cannot leach past 0.226 parts per million. If it does, the piece must show a warning label (pictured above).

If you see that label, take caution.

Also, you might not always see a Prop 65 label, but you may notice the following:

decorative plate not for food use

Now, you shouldn’t worry about this with modern slow cookers.

But, let’s say you grab an old ceramic bean pot from a flea market to slow cook in…

Always check for phrases on the pot like, “For Decorative Purposes Only,” or “Not for Food Use.”

2. As a general rule, avoid these higher-risk crock pots when you can’t find labeling:

  • Old ceramic crock pots or bean pots from relatives or found at thrift stores/ garage sales… Especially if you’re not sure who created the piece. As the slow cooker ages, its lead hazard increases.
  • Handmade/ hand-painted crock pots with irregular shapes and imperfections in the glaze. Here’s where “improperly baked” and “faulty manufacturing” comes into play.
  • Slow cookers with worn-out, cracked glaze.
  • Bright red, orange, or yellow ceramic. Ceramics with these rich colors often contain higher lead amounts.

3. Be wary of (some) crock pots made in China:


Some companies don’t properly test goods before importing goods to the US. And, in China, several factories aren’t registered with the FDA.

So, suppose the US importer doesn’t test their products.

In that case, unsafe ceramics from non-regulated factories may reach the US – according to PubMed.

But, not all ceramic slow cookers from China are unsafe. Most meet FDA approval.

And as long as you buy from a reputable brand (with proper lead testing), you’re fine.

4. Use Amazon’s Customer questions & answers section:

Amazon Q&A search box

Visit the slow cooker’s Amazon listing and scroll down till you see “Customer questions & answers.”

You’ll see a search bar.

—To discover (quickly) if a slow cooker has lead complaints or passed US testing requirements:

Type in phrases like lead, cadmium, FDA, tested/ testing, Proposition 65, etc.

This will highlight any mention on the page, customer question, or complaint. And the company’s response.

And to find complaints of questionable non-stick coatings (or find safer non-stick options):

Type in phrases like non-stick, Teflon, PFOA, PTFE, coating, peeling, chipping, etc.

If you see the words “PFOA-free” – message the seller. Ask what PFOA replacement they use.


Look specifically for safer non-stick ceramic coatings if you demand Teflon-like ease.

And make sure to see that exact phrase on the product’s web page – “non-stick ceramic.”

5. When in doubt, test it out:


Are you staring at an old ceramic crock pot in your cabinet and questioning its safety?

You can find lead testing kits online for a low price.

Simply rub the inside of the crock pot in question, and the swab turns red if there’s leachable lead.

So, now you know all about crock pot safety and lead in crock pot stoneware.

Next up, we’re getting into the review portion.

Before you dive in, consider the following bullets to help you pick the best non-toxic slow cooker for your personal needs.

How to Pick Your Non-Toxic Slow Cooker – Buying Considerations

  • Budget: How much are you willing to spend? You can pay as little as $30 – $40 for a *manual slow cooker. And up to $200-$300 for quality *programmable versions.
  • *Manual Vs. *Programmable slow cookers: Manual crocks are the old school types with three or four settings… Low, Medium (Or Warm), High, and Off. Programmable slow cookers do the cooking for you with automated technology.
  • Cooking pot size: For one or two people, 2-3 quarts should be fine. Families of 5-6 should grab 6 quarts (most versatile size). You can use 8-10 quarts for big parties or cooking large roasts and turkeys. IMPORTANT: You should only fill your crock ¾ full at most. So, a 6-quart holds about 4.5-quarts of food.
  • Cooking pot shape: Large cuts of meat fit better in oval crock pots.
  • How much counter space do you have? If you have limited counter space, a 10-quart slow cooker isn’t too practical – unless you have a spare storage cabinet.
  • Other features to consider: Do you want to sear meats or saute, not just slow cook? How about automated temperature probes that cook meat to precise temperatures?
  • Consider the lid: If you plan to transport food to gatherings, look for lockable lids and side handles for carrying.
  • Consider cleaning: How much time (or desire) do you have for cleaning? Me personally, I prefer dishwasher-safe crock pot inserts.

7 Best Lead-free Slow Cookers Reviewed

Image sources: Amazon & Brands

Now let’s look at the seven best lead-free slow cookers in three materials – ceramic, stainless steel, and unglazed clay.

We researched several brand’s testing data, reputations, and actual customer experiences to bring you only the best and safest crock pot picks.

So, you can choose any in total confidence – these will not leach lead into your food 🙂

Best Lead-free Ceramic Crock Pots


image: Crock Pot & Amazon

Since 1941, Crock-Pot (the brand) has churned out reliable non-toxic slow cookers with top-notch ratings.

A few key benefits set this crock apart in safety and convenience.

For one, Crock-Pot tests its products regularly, and the results speak for themselves…

This company doesn’t add lead to their quartz-ceramic glaze.

And for travel, this model sports a tight clamping lid, airtight cover, and comfortable handles. Take full meals anywhere, without arriving in gravy-soaked clothes.

Third, its simple programmable features. Not enough to confuse you, yet plenty to provide control – all within an affordable product.

You can set your cook time from 30 minutes – 20 hours on High and Low settings.

When finished, the unit switches to Keep Warm for up to 6 hours.

So, even if you have to work late, the meal will sit there hot and waiting for you. This way, you don’t need to worry about cooking after a long day.

This 7-quart (28-cup) crock serves 7-9 people. A versatile size, yet not too big to travel with. It measures 15.1” L x 9.4” W x 14.8” H and weighs 16.18lbs.

Image: Crock Pot & Amazon

Features Overview:

  • Removable lead-free ceramic slow cooker pot. Metal utensil-safe.
  • Locking tempered glass lid with a cool-touch loop handle. An airtight rubber gasket prevents hot spills during transport or while you sleep.
  • A digital display shows the remaining cook time so you can track progress easily.
  • Handy temperature mode Select button (Hot, Low, Warm) plus Up and Down arrows to adjust cook time – helpful for smaller portions.
  • Manually adjustable cook time in 30-minute increments up to 20 hours for total control and peace of mind (the unit won’t stay on indefinitely).
  • Automatic switch to Warm mode for up to 6 hours. Or, use it manually for buffet-style serving.
  • Stay-cool handles for comfort.
  • Non-slip base to prevent mishaps.
  • Microwave and oven-safe insert (up to 400℉). Also refrigerator-safe. Toss leftovers directly in the fridge without dirtying Tupperware.
  • 1-year warranty.

Care: Both the lid and crock pot insert is dishwasher-safe. But let the ceramic pot cool first before cleaning.

Drawbacks: There’s no auto shut-off. And you cannot delay the actual cooking start time. For example, you can’t set the cooker to start at 7 am the night before. You’ll need to switch it on in the morning.

Other options available: Get the silver version of this slow cooker in a smaller 6-quart model here(You’ll save a few bucks!)


Image: Hamilton Beach & Amazon

Hamilton Beach upholds strict safety standards – and has for 111 years now.

Here’s what they say about their crock pots and lead:

“Hamilton Beach specifications applicable to all slow cookers (and their components) prohibits the product from containing any measurable amounts of lead.”

Not only is this slow cooker safe, but a game-changer for meat too. All thanks to its Probe setting – which sets this crock apart from the rest.

With the probe, you can cook to a precise temperature rather than a time limit.

Here’s how it works:

Slide the probe into your roast and tap the crock’s Probe setting.

Then, set your desired temperature using the digital display. If you want medium-rare, simply set the crock to 130-140℉.

This thing cooks the roast to perfection by itself.

So, you can stop manually tracking your meat and accidentally over-cooking. Instead, you’ll score consistent results with zero effort.

Once the meat reaches its goal temperature, the unit switches to Keep Warm for up to 14 hours.

When you get home, a hot, perfectly-cooked roast awaits.

Besides Probe, you get convenient Program and Manual settings for any job.

This 6-quart (24-cup) model serves 5-7 people and fits a 6lb chicken or 4lb roast. Measures 17.5” L x 11.25” W x 11.75″ H and weighs 14.75lbs.

Image: Hamilton Beach & Amazon

Features Overview:

  • Lead-free, non-reactive, removable ceramic pot. Metal utensil-safe.
  • Locking tempered glass lid with a cool-touch knob. Airtight silicone gasket to prevent spills and countertop mess.
  • The digital display shows temperature and cooking time for easy tracking.
  • Program setting: Set your food to cook for any desired time using the Up and Down arrows in 30-minute increments up to 12 hours.
  • Manual setting: Your classic High, Low, and Warm settings. 
  • Probe setting: Cook meats to an exact desired temperature for consistent results.
  • Automatic switch to Keep Warm for up to 14 hours when using the Probe and Program settings – perfect for when you’re not home. After that, the cooker shuts off automatically for peace of mind.
  • Power interrupt technology: Keeps the slow cooker going after brief power outages (5 seconds or less) without resetting. So, you won’t come home to an uncooked meal on stormy days.
  • Stay-cool handles for comfortable lifting and carrying.
  • Microwave and oven-safe crock pot insert (up to 500℉). Also, refrigerator-safe for storing leftovers without extra containers.
  • 1-year warranty.

Care: Both the lid and enamel slow cooker insert are dishwasher-safe. But let the ceramic pot cool before washing.

Drawbacks: There’s a small hole in the lid where the probe slides through, so be careful not to rock the crock too much when transporting.

Also, the unit’s base feels a little rough, so you may want to put a towel underneath. And of course, ceramic can break.

Want to buy somewhere else? Get this programmable slow cooker with temperature probe direct from Hamilton Beach here!


Image: Crock Pot & Amazon

Don’t want all those fancy settings? I get it.

Sometimes, you just want a simple, reliable slow cooker – without a million options…

And one that doesn’t break the bank.

That’s where this non-toxic crock pot comes in.

Here’s how it works:

Using the control knob, choose from Off, Low, High, and Warm. Low and High both cook at 215℉ – but cycle heat differently.

High cooks faster, just in case you’re starving. Low cooks slower and tenderizes meat better.

Then, set it to Warm so the food stays ready to eat at dinnertime without reheating. The Warm setting sits around 165-170℉.

Simple. Effective. And inexpensive.

This 7-quart (28-cup) model serves 7-9 people and fits 7lb roasts. It measures 10.6” L x 10.7” H” x 8.7” W and weighs 12.5lbs.

There are also 3-quart, 4-quart, and 8-quart versions for additional or fewer people.

Image: Crock Pot & Amazon

Features Overview:

  • Lead-free, removable ceramic pot. Metal utensil-safe.
  • Locking tempered glass lid with a cool-touch loop handle.
  • Simple Low, High, Warm, and Off settings – less that can break down the road.
  • Stay-cool handles for comfortable transport.
  • Non-slip base to prevent accidental slipping on your counter.
  • Microwave and oven-safe up to 400℉. Refrigerator-safe for easy leftover storage.
  • 1-year warranty.

Care: Both the removable lid and crock pot’s ceramic insert is dishwasher-safe. Let the ceramic pot cool before cleaning.

Drawbacks: It’s a manual slow cooker, so there’s no way to program this crock to switch on at a precise time. There’s no automatic Keep Warm mode, no auto shut-off, and no lid locks. And of course, ceramic can break.

Other options: Get this 7-quart manual crock pot in black here. Or, grab it in stylish turquoise here!


Hamilton-Beach-Extra-large-Crock-Pot with-Ceramic-Insert
Image: Hamilton Beach & Amazon

We already know Hamilton Beach crock pots are lead-free. No concerns there.

But, what if you need to feed a crowd? Well, here’s your savior.

You can churn out massive amounts of soup, entire chickens, turkeys, or large 12lb roasts.

Got a big sack of vegetables to cook too? Don’t dirty up another pot. Instead, dump everything in with your roast – it’ll fit.

Plus, the handles and locking lid make it easy to bring food to gatherings… Without spilling in your car.

Like the previous slow cooker, this model’s simple, standard controls have no learning curve.

With the twist of a knob, choose High, Low, Warm, or Off.

For fewer people, you can always fix a smaller amount in the large pot.

But if you need mass quantities, it’s impossible to fix a large amount in a small pot.

This 10-quart (40-cup) crock pot serves 9+ people and measures 15.75” L x 12.5” W x 11.5″ H, and weighs 15.66lbs.

There are also three and 5-quart options available.

Image: Hamilton Beach & Amazon

Features Overview:

  • Lead-free, removable ceramic pot. Metal utensil-safe.
  • Locking tempered glass lid with a cool-touch knob. A silicone seal prevents scalding hot spills during transport.
  • Four controls: Off, Low, High, and Warm. Simple, cheaper, and longer-lasting than programmable slow cookers.
  • Extra-large 10-quart capacity for large families or gatherings.
  • Stay-cool handles for comfortable transport to potlucks.
  • Microwave and oven-safe up to 500℉. You can remove the pot from the base and stick leftovers right in your fridge (if it fits).
  • 1-year warranty.

Care: The removable lid and slow cooker’s stoneware insert are both dishwasher-safe. Of course, let the ceramic cool first before cleaning.

Drawbacks: Again, It’s manual, so there’s no timer delay, automatic Keep Warm, or auto shut-off. And keep in mind, the large pot might be harder to travel with or fit in your sink/ dishwasher to clean. Of course, ceramic can break.

Want to buy somewhere else? Grab this manual XL crock pot direct from Hamilton Beach here!

Best Stainless Steel Crock Pots


Image: Instant Pot & Amazon

Although not a “slow cooker,” this multi-use pressure cooker has a slow cooking mode, among 12 others.

Plus, ten state-of-the-art safety mechanisms to ease any set-and-forget concerns.

As for health, XRF testing shows no lead in this non-ceramic crock pot insert… Only pure 18/8 stainless steel.

This unit features the following programs:

Soup/ Broth mode, Meat/ Stew, Bean/ Chili, Poultry, Slow Cook, Saute (can also use to sear and boil water), Rice, Multigrain, Porridge, Steam (includes steaming basket), Yogurt, Keep Warm, and Pressure Cook.

Using the touchpad, select any of those modes and press Start. This unit does the rest.

You can also manually adjust the pressure level, temperature, and time in 5-minute increments using the + or – buttons.

Want to prep ingredients Sunday night, head to work in the morning, then come home to a fresh meal after?

Use the Timer Delay to set starting time up to 24 hours in advance. Take that, Monday!

Once your food finishes, the cooker switches to Warm for up to 10 hours. After that, the unit shuts off for safety.

Have last-minute dinner plans? Use the Pressure Cook mode to churn out juicy chicken breasts in 6-8 minutes or rice in 4 minutes.

Image: Instant Pot & Amazon

This 6-quart (24-cup) multi-cooker serves 5-7 people. It measures 13.4” L x 12.2” W x 12.5″ H and weighs 11.8lbs.

Also available in 3-quart, 8-quart, and 10-quart sizes. You can grab a non-stick ceramic insert for this model too.

Features Overview:

  • Unbreakable 18/8 stainless steel pot (removable) with triple-ply core for fast and even heating. Metal utensil-safe.
  • Twist-lock lid (plastic top, stainless steel bottom). An airtight silicone sealing ring prevents leaks – extra sealing ring included.
  • 13 automated push-button settings to replace up to seven kitchen items: A pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, saute pan, and warming plate – all in one device. Talk about space savings.
  • 24-hour delay timer to set dinner the night before hectic days.
  • A microprocessor monitors food and adjusts pressure, heat, and time to cook your meal perfectly as you relax.
  • Ten UL-certified safety features for peace of mind: A Steam-release Button, Automatic Locking Lid once the cooking starts, Lid Position Detection (cooker won’t start if the lid isn’t applied right), Burn Protection, Leaky Lid Protection, Auto Shut Off, Electric Fuse Protection, and more.
  • Blue LCD screen indicates the cooking time remaining in hours/ minutes, so there’s no confusion.
  • Refrigerator and freezer-safe for storing leftovers without using separate containers.
  • Includes a free App with over 1,000 (easy and delicious) Instant Pot recipes.
  • 1-year warranty.

Care: Both the lid and stainless steel crock pot insert is dishwasher-safe.

Drawbacks: You may want to watch a youtube video or two on the pressure cooking mode. You need to get the water levels right for proper pressure. Also, not microwave-safe and no side handles.

Want to buy elsewhere? Grab the Duo Nova direct from Instant Pot here!

If it’s unavailable, check out this 6-quart Duo Plus from Sur La Table – it’s nearly identical except for the button layout. (And you can pay over four interest-free installments!)


Image: Instant Pot & Amazon

Instant Pot’s Auro Pro multi-cooker also comes with a clean, 18/8 stainless steel pot – free of toxins.

But unlike the Instant Pot above, this one has Baking and Sous Vide capabilities, among nine other set-and-forget programs.

Here is everything you get:

Slow Cook, Steam, Stew, Sear/ Saute (can also simmer and caramelize), Roast, Bake, Sous Vide, Yogurt, Rice, Multigrain, and Keep Warm.

Not only can this unit replace almost every kitchen appliance, but you’ll save a ton of effort, too.

Here’s how it works:

Turn the unit on and select a program using the pushbuttons.

Then, each setting’s preset temperature and time pop up on the digital display. Stew, for example, shows 195℉ for 2 hours.

After pressing Start, the microprocessor does the work for you.

It monitors and controls both heat and time for consistent results.

You can use the + and – buttons to manually adjust the temperature and time in 15-minute increments, up to 4 hours… Helpful for fixing smaller portions.

Use the Delay Start button to set cooking to begin the following morning, rather than right away.

And once your meal finishes, the Keep Warm kicks on for up to 24 hours. You’ll never come home to a cold meal again.

Image: Instant Pot & Amazon

This 8-quart (32-cup) multi-cooker serves 7-9 people. It measures 16.8” L x 11.6” W x 11.3” H and weighs 12.8lbs.

Features Overview:

  • Unbreakable, 18/8 stainless steel pot (removable) with triple-ply core for fast, even heating. Metal utensil-safe.
  • Tempered glass lid so you can see what’s happening.
  • 11 automated functions – Slow Cook, Steam, Stew, Sear/ Saute, Roast, Yogurt, Rice, Multigrain, Keep Warm, Sous Vide, and Bake (adjustable from 250-425℉).
  • Complete entire stove-to-oven meals in one pot. For example, start browning chili or braised chicken in the steel pot. Then, cover it and press bake. Want to bake a cake instead? Go for it!
  • 24-hour Timer Delay.
  • The microprocessor monitors temperature and time for consistent results without effort.
  • Blue LCD screen indicates the cooking time remaining in hours/ minutes, so there’s no confusion.
  • Stay-cool side handles for easy maneuvering.
  • Includes foldable steaming rack: The dividers fold down to hold veggies for steaming, then back up to hold Sous Vide bags in place.
  • Refrigerator-safe insert.
  • 1-year warranty.

Care: Both the pot and lid are dishwasher-safe. For extra-stuck-on mess, add four cups of water and set the steam function for 15 minutes.

Drawbacks: There’s no locking lid, and the steel pot isn’t microwave-safe.

Also, the heating element sits on the bottom rather than the sides. So, the Sear/ Saute function works wonders, but slow cooking large volumes may take a little longer.

Top Unglazed Clay Non-Toxic Slow Cooker


Image: VitaClay & Amazon

Vitaclay’s slow cooker sports a 100% unglazed Zisha clay inner pot – naturally free of lead and other toxic metals.

Just to make sure, a US-based lab tested the clay. The results show “None detected” for lead, cadmium, arsenic, and mercury.

Now, while this multi-cooker has seven programmable settings, it really shines for rice.

Here’s how it works:

Plug the unit in and select your cook mode. For rice, press the Rice Cooking button.

With each press, the screen cycles through the White Rice, Brown Rice, Sweet Rice, and Reheat settings.

Or, press the Slow Cooking button to filter through its low and slow modes: Stew, Soup, or Yogurt.

You can also extend the preset times manually up to 12 hours.

Have a busy day tomorrow?

Prep the ingredients tonight, select a program, and press the Delay button.

Then, use the Hour and Minute buttons to set the delay length. After that, hit Start. Voila, you already made tomorrow’s dinner.

The unit turns on in the morning, cooks while you’re out, then switches to Keep Warm once finished (for up to 12 hours).

When you come home, a hot meal awaits!

Image: VitaClay

This 2-quart (8-cup) multi-cooker serves 1-2 people. Also, it works great for making set-and-forget side dishes as you cook on your stovetop.

It measures 17.2” L x 11.4 W x 13″ H and weighs 10lbs.

Features Overview:

  • Unglazed non-toxic clay that’s metal utensil safe.
  • Better flavor: The clay’s porosity improves moisture circulation – preventing burns and increasing tenderness. And clay’s alkaline properties boost food’s nutrition, taste, and aroma.
  • Unique double lid design. An inner clay pot sits inside the steel outer pot with a push-button opening. Food bathes in the clay with trapped steam and moisture for 50% faster cooking and locked-in flavor.
  • Natural non-stick seasoning layer that builds over time, rather than degrades – like cast iron.
  • Seven programmable functions: White Rice (also great for quinoa), Brown Rice (also whole grain and wild rice), Sweet Rice (includes sushi/ sticky rice), Reheat (can use this mode to steam veggies, too), Stew, Soup, Yogurt.
  • Cook time adjusts automatically based on the amount of food. For example, less rice = less time, taking the guesswork out of smaller portions.
  • Adjustable Timer Delay in 10-minute increments up to five hours.
  • Automatic Keep Warm for up to 12 hours.
  • Clear blue LCD shows the cook mode and Delay Start time for no confusion.
  • Microwave, oven, and refrigerator-safe.
  • 1-year warranty.

Care: Wash by hand with soap and water, then dry right after.

Drawbacks: Not dishwasher-safe (it’ll ruin the seasoning layer). And if the pot isn’t seasoned well, the clay may crack – seasoning instructions included.

There’s no auto shut-off or handles. The clay knob on the inner pot is small and gets hot, so use a towel or rubber jar gripper to open/ close.


By now, you should have a thorough understanding of lead-free slow cookers. You know how to find them and what to avoid.

Plus, you discovered the seven top non-toxic slow cookers available.

Choose any from the list, or take the tips you read earlier with you as you shop around.

Happy slow cookin’!

P.S. Non-toxic slow cookers are worthless if you serve that fresh meal on the wrong dinner plate…

So, check out our guide on the safest dinnerware. You’ll see what to avoid, then discover the six best lead-free plates.

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