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7 Best Bamboo Plates for Kids to Cut Toxins in 2023

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Over many conversations about dinnerware, bamboo plates for kids keep popping up. Makes sense—

Kids’ bamboo plates are the perfect tool to ditch plastic for safer alternatives. And it’s never been more vital to do so…

Have you seen the risks of plastic chemicals in dinnerware for kids yet? Hormone disruption, decreased attention span, and hyperactivity is only the tip of the iceberg.

But, bamboo toddler plates and bowls are a safe and sustainable alternative. You can boost health and cut pollution.

Yet, before pulling the trigger, questions on bamboo dinnerware keep popping up. So on this page, you’ll unlock the answers to those common questions. Plus, you’ll discover the seven safest bamboo kids’ plates available for 2023.

By the end, you’ll gain the information needed to choose the best bamboo set possible. Let’s dive in!

Is bamboo safer than plastic?


This is the most common question we get. Rest assured, bamboo plates are certainly a safer option for toddlers when compared to plastic. They do not require the same chemicals used in plastic production.

Instead, companies use plant-based materials—not petroleum—to shape bamboo dinnerware.

The problem with plastic plates – including BPA-free plastic:

Plastic plates contain various troubling chemicals—

The most known include BPA, BPS (found in BPA-free plastic), and phthalates.

PFAS (found in Teflon non-stick cookware) is in some disposable dinnerware, as well.

Let’s look at the health risks of each…

BPA (Bisphenol A) is a known hormone-disrupting chemical used to harden plastics. You’ll find it in baby bottles, containers, dinnerware, and other items.

Studies prove BPA leaches into the food it touches. Plus, outside stressors (like heat from the microwave) speed up the process.

And here’s the thing… BPA presents the greatest risk to young children.

BPA’s potential health risks to kids include:

  • Growth & development disruption
  • Effects on the immune system
  • Thyroid hormone disruption
  • Reproductive disorders
  • Altered brain development
  • Early puberty
  • Obesity

BPA-free plastics (containing BPS) aren’t much better, either. Some reports show nearly identical health risks to BPA.

On the other hand, phthalates help soften hard plastic items to add flexibility. Its impacts on human health aren’t clear, but reports suggest it causes developmental problems in animals.

To sum up plastic dinnerware, I believe we should avoid playing with fire. Choosing non-plastic plates for toddlers is an easy way to prevent unnecessary risk.

Now let’s take a deeper look at bamboo dinnerware’s safety for children—

Are bamboo plates safe for kids?


We know plastic dinnerware can have adverse health effects on children. So, plastic-free dishes are already a safer choice. There are no hormone-disrupting “BP” chemicals in sight.

But, here’s something to keep in mind about most bamboo:


Most colored bamboo plates contain melamine-formaldehyde resin. It holds the powdered bamboo fiber together, forming rigid dinnerware.

But, some studies show high melamine intake leads to kidney stones and kidney disease.

Yet, on the flip side, the FDA says melamine is safe to use… With a caveat.

That leads to the next point—

Are bamboo plates microwave-safe?

Here’s that caveat: The FDA states that acidic foods and high heat can leach melamine into food. For example, when heating leftovers in the microwave.

So, they recommend we avoid microwaving melamine bamboo toddler plates.

Instead, reheat food in a separate container before serving. If you do that, bamboo resin plates are 100% safe (and remember, plastic-free).

Still, six out of seven sets below are melamine-free to keep selections as safe as possible.

Melamine… check. But is any bamboo microwave safe?

Although melamine-free bamboo dishes exist (everything but #2 below), you should still avoid the microwave. Why?

The intense heat can over-dry the natural fibers and crack the plate— This goes for bamboo and wood dinnerware.

For this reason, I heat food in a separate glass container at home. Once hot, I toss the food onto my bamboo dinnerware to chow down.

Overall, this is a small sacrifice. The pros of bamboo outweigh the cons, by far.

Speaking of that, here are a few more reasons why to use bamboo plates for babies, kids, and even adults—

More Benefits of Bamboo Dishes

It’s no mystery that plastic dinnerware is convenient. It’s lightweight and shatterproof, a must for kids.

But are bamboo toddler plates durable? Or, at least, as durable as plastic?

Consider this:

  • Bamboo is lighter weight yet 3x stronger than timber. And, it has a higher tensile strength than steel! So next time you’re wondering if bamboo plates can handle rough play, remember this.
  • Bamboo dishes, unlike steel, are softer and lighter in weight. If you drop a bamboo dish, your floor (or foot) will barely notice.
  • Speaking of dropping bamboo plates, they’re shatterproof! The worst that can happen is the plate develops a hairline crack.
  • Safer for your child’s mouth if they happen to bite the dish.
  • Bamboo plates degrade in typical landfills. Rest easy knowing you won’t further contribute to plastic pollution!

So, bamboo dinnerware offers more durability than plastic with the safety you desire. Plus, with gentle weight, kids can maneuver it easily.

Quickly, let’s tackle two more frequently asked questions I get. Then, we’ll explore our top picks.

Are bamboo plates dishwasher-safe?

Yes, but the intense heat and moisture can reduce your dinnerware’s lifespan.

Sure, dishwashers are super convenient, but they’re not the best for every item. For example, we’d never stick cast iron cookware in the dishwasher.

But if you must use the dishwasher, place your dishes on the top rack. Yet, if you want to increase the lifespan of your plates, hand-wash them. That leads us to—

How long do bamboo plates last?

Bamboo dishes will last about 1.5 to 2 years before moisture weakens the bamboo. But, you can extend the lifespan by hand-washing and avoiding the microwave and dishwasher.

7 Best Bamboo Kids Plate Sets

Images: Amazon & brands

After thorough evaluation in-house, plus customer research, we confirm each dish here is free from plastic, BPA, BPS, PVC, phthalates, lead, cadmium, and mercury.

Also, every pick below (besides #2) is melamine-free!  This way, you can have total peace of mind with hot food.


EcoMatters Melamine-Free Bamboo Plates | 4-Pack – 7.8″ (19.8cm)

Image: EcoMatters & Amazon

We know most bamboo kid’s plates contain melamine binders. Especially the colorful kinds.

Yet, EcoMatters is among the few brands crafting their eco-friendly kids’ plates without melamine.

Instead, they use cornstarch-based bioplastic, called CPLA, as a binder. It’s important to note that bioplastic and plastic are not the same—

Bioplastic is biodegradable and free from the same troubling chemicals.

So, you’ll enjoy the safety, durability, and style of bamboo kid’s plates – without the limitations.


  • Plastic-free, melamine-free, & biodegradable.
  • Unlike other bamboo dishes, these are dishwasher & microwave-safe… Without worrying about hot foods leaching formaldehyde!
  • 100% natural, food-safe pigments please the eye without being too obnoxious.
  • EcoMatters donates 1% of proceeds to environmental non-profits.
  • Exceptional customer service will replace a dish if you have an issue.


  • Several users had dishes crack after 3-6 months. Mostly, this is from the microwave & dishwasher. Hence why earlier, I said to limit both, regardless of melamine.

Shop this set from EcoMatters on Amazon.

Want to buy elsewhere? You can find some more colorful (melamine-free) plates from Natural Artisan Co here on Etsy. They use heat-pressed bamboo stalks.


WeeSprout Bamboo Toddler Plates | 4-Pack – 8″ (20.3cm)

Image: Weesprout & Amazon

What sets WeeSpout’s bamboo toddler plates apart is their inch-deep lips.

This generous edge helps to carry more food while containing spills and mess. Also, it makes scooping easier for the little ones, perfect for a smoother meal time.

Speaking of smooth, customers love the glossy and slick yet matte finish. I’d relate it to almost a pottery look and appreciate the high-quality feel.

The easy cleaning is a plus, too!


  • Plastic-free.
  • Extra-deep 1” plate edge to prevent spills & help your toddler scoop.
  • The slick finish makes cleanup a breeze.
  • The plates nest & stack easily, saving space in cabinets.
  • Available in three stylish yet low-volume color combinations that kids and parents love. They’ll blend into your other dishware without looking like “kids” plates.
  • WeeSprout stands behind its bamboo fiber plates with a lifetime warranty.


  • Contains a melamine binder (the only dish on this page), so you cannot microwave them. Some buyers did not realize this & expressed disappointment.

Click here to grab WeeSprout on Amazon.

Want to buy elsewhere? Here’s a nearly identical set on Etsy from Youngever – a US-based brand in Oregon.


BambooMN Melamine-Free Bamboo Divided Plate | 1-Pack – 9″ x 9″ (28.8cm)

Image: BambooMN & Amazon

Right away, you’ll notice the natural look and feel of this dish, as well as the horizontal line pattern—

That’s because it’s made entirely of heat-pressed bamboo strands, with zero melamine! Actually, zero anything.

Not only healthy – but functional too.

Sectioned plates, especially this divided bamboo plate, are perfect for children in the “my food can’t touch” phase.


  • All-natural bamboo without plastic, coloring, or melamine. 100% biodegradable.
  • Four perfectly-portioned sections: A large spot for the main course (4.75” x 4.75”). Two medium compartments for sides (4.75” x 3.375”). And a small corner for dips, sauces, or dessert (3.375” x 3.375”).
  • Helps build healthy eating habits, ensuring healthy portions of vegetables, proteins, grains, & snacks.
  • Available in a 1-pack, a 4-pack, a 10-pack, and a 30-pack with bulk discounts for each.


  • You may find the edges a little sharp, although I don’t see much of an issue.
  •  Avoid the microwave & dishwasher. The natural bamboo strands can dry out & split.

Grab BambooMN’s divided bamboo plate on Amazon here.

Looking to buy elsewhere? Grab your bamboo dish set on Etsy here.

Sold out? Here’s an almost identical dish from LA Boos. Its labeled sections help guide you through the food groups.


EcoMatters Melamine-Free Bamboo Snack Bowls | 4-Pack – 4.4″ x 1.9″ (11 x 4.8cm)

Image: EcoMatters & Amazon

Although the theme is bamboo plates for kids, it’s worthwhile to include bamboo kids bowls for snack time.

Like EcoMatters’ plates, their bamboo bowls are the safest choice for babies and toddlers… There’s no melamine, unlike any similar pair!

Not only that, EcoMatters designed these bowls for ultimate convenience and versatility—


  • Plastic-free, melamine-free, & biodegradable.
  • Dishwasher & microwave-safe, unlike most bamboo bowls.
  • Comfortable side handles make carrying with small hands a breeze, limiting drops & spills. 
  • Thick and rugged design resists cracks from falls.
  • Each bamboo snack bowl measures 4.4” wide (5.3” with the handles) & 1.9” deep— The perfect size for toddler snacks, yet suitable for older kids & adults to serve dips or portion-controlled snacks.
  • Stylish, chic colors, rarely found in children’s dishes or bowls.


  • Remember, these bowls are small. Some buyers were surprised by the size, so keep the dimensions in mind.

Click here to grab EcoMatters’ bamboo bowls on Amazon.

Looking for larger bowls? Grab Eco Matter’s standard-sized bamboo kids bowls here, measuring 6” x 3.5” deep (15.2 x 8.9cm).

Other options: Here are some comparable unpainted options on Etsy if you prefer the natural look. They’re also melamine-free.


Avanchy Melamine-Free Bamboo Plate with Suction | 1-Pack – 7″ x 2″ (17.7 x 5cm)

Image: Avanchy & Amazon

Is your kid testing the boundaries of your sheetrock and flooring with their dish? This bamboo kids’ plate is for you—

Thanks to the silicone suction bottom, the plate (and food) stay locked in place!

Simply press the dish down onto your table or high chair— The powerful suction bottom does the rest.

When your baby finishes eating, pull the small tab on the back to release the suction. Voila!


  • Uncolored, plastic/ melamine-free, & biodegradable.
  • Divided sections & raised edges to separate food, limit mess, & build healthy habits.
  • Removable suction base: Use this bamboo dish for baby-led weaning, mischievous toddler self-feeding, and anything else… You can even bring this plate to restaurants to prevent public mishaps!
  • Grows with your toddler: Remove the suction bottom when it’s no longer needed. Now you have a regular toddler dish!
  • Choose from eight silicone color options.
  • Includes a free bamboo/ silicone feeding spoon.


  • Kids can figure out how to release the suction. Combat this by facing the release tab away from your child’s curious hands.

Grab Avanchy’s bamboo suction plate on Amazon.

Want to buy elsewhere? Grab this bamboo suction plate here on Etsy with 100% carbon offset shipping! (FYI, only the 8.5″ x 2.5″ size is available on Etsy when writing this.)

Want to pair a suction bowl with your plate? Check out these bamboo suction bowls from Me Mother Earth on Etsy.


Image: Bobo&Boo & Amazon

This bamboo dinner set is the perfect hybrid blend of the choices above. But, this “plant-based” assortment isn’t actually bamboo… Instead, Bobo&Boo uses corn, wheat, and sweet potatoes, bonded by an all-natural lacquer.

Remember, colorful, melamine-free bamboo plates are like the tooth fairy. So, I included this plant-based bundle to show you another fun, melamine-free dish set.


  • Plastic/ melamine-free & biodegradable.
  • Dishwasher & microwave-safe.
  • Child-proof raised plate edge keeps food from rolling off when carried by a toddler. It helps them scoop, too.
  • Raised edges on the cup & bowl limit drops. E.g., when holding the cup’s bottom half, the edge prevents the cup from slipping down through your toddler’s grip.
  • Dish measures 7.5” wide (19cm). The bowl, 5.3” wide x 2” deep (13.4 x 5cm). And the cup holds 10oz.
  • 365-day warranty.


  • I’ve noticed these plates don’t nest as well as WeeSprouts, so keep that in mind for cramped cabinets.

Best Bamboo Disposable Plates


Bambu Round Disposable Bamboo Plates | 8-Pack – 7″ (17.8cm)

Image: Bambu & Amazon

Have a children’s birthday party coming up? A baby shower? Want a disposable plate that’s more sturdy than cheap paper and plastic… And eco-friendly?

This organic bamboo dish set gives you peace of mind using a non-toxic dish – without the cleanup!


  • Plastic & melamine-free.
  • Disposable & degrade in the regular trash – quickly. They’re backyard compostable, too.
  • Use them for kids or to impress party guests when a paper plate feels too cheap, yet glass and ceramic are a risky chore.
  • Also available in 25-packs.


  • Some customers felt these plates were thinner than they expected. So, keep in mind they’re about the thickness of paper plates, although sturdier.

Click here to grab your disposable bamboo plates from Bambu on Amazon.

Want to buy elsewhere? Check out these (more affordable) 9″ square disposable bamboo plates from Bambu on Earthhero.

(Earthhero offsets 100% of shipping carbon emissions!)

Or, check out these 6″ round sugar cane plates on Etsy – they too are more affordable.


So that’s a wrap on the best bamboo plates for kids.

I hope now you better understand bamboo plates – including melamine. And, why grabbing bamboo plates for toddlers makes sense.

Small changes like reusable bamboo plates and bowls are a step in the right direction… A step towards a healthier and more sustainable world.

By reading this review, you’re already ahead of the pack! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

P.S. Still using plastic food storage containers? They are even worse than plastic plates.

Check out our post on the best stainless steel food containers for kids, free of plastic and other harmful substances.

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