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9 Best Pots and Pans for Electric Stoves (2023 Buying Guide)

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All the best pots and pans for electric stoves have a few things in common… Durability, warp resistance, heat conduction, weight, and non-scratch bottoms.

While you could use any cookware for electric coil or glass top stoves, you shouldn’t.

Many pans can damage your glass stove; some heat too slowly or unevenly, and others warp – further causing uneven heating. The same goes for other stovetops, like gas and induction.

So, over several months, we tested which materials, features, and cookware designs make the best pans for electric stoves. This post is the result of our findings.

Below you’ll find the nine best pots and pans sets for electric stoves, reviewed in detail (Jump to reviews).

Afterward, a practical list of all the cookware materials and features needed in electric cooktop pots (Jump to Buying Guide). This way, you’ll always know what you need moving forward.

With this guide, you’ll ensure the best cooking experience possible. Plus, the longevity of your electric stove and cookware.

Let’s dive in!

Our Best Cookware for Electric Stove Picks | Quick Links

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9 Best Pots and Pans for Electric Stoves | Tested & Reviewed


All-Clad D5 Stainless, 10-Piece | Overall Best Cookware for Electric Stoves

Included in this set (Pieces sold individually are linked):

While pricey, All-Clad’s D5 stainless is ideal for home chefs who want to perfect their craft. This set is similar to All-Clad’s D5 copper but instead features a solid steel core.

This core improves warp resistance – one of the key features in all the best cookware for electric stoves.


Rated 4.7 stars with 1,000+ Amazon reviews

On top of the pan sits a rust-proof 18/10 stainless steel interior. It can handle acidic ingredients, high-heat cooking, and more with ease.

Directly under the cooking surface sits two aluminum layers. The aluminum grabs your stove’s heat and spreads it quickly and evenly throughout the pan, without hot spots… As a result, you’ll find it easier to make fast heat adjustments to prevent scorching food.

Below that is the D5’s steel core – which keeps the pan sitting flat (and heating evenly) for years to come.

Whether tossing veggies, scrambling eggs, or searing meats, you’ll enjoy superior temperature control with rugged, easy-to-maintain cookware— No warping, hot spots, heat limitations, or babying non-stick surfaces…

Thanks to a 100% stainless steel exterior, care is simple and low-maintenance. You can use metal utensils and even the dishwasher on busy days.

This set is oven/ broiler-safe up to 600°F, too. So it’ll handle all your roasting and braising demands.

Other features add to the comfort and convenience of this set. For example, stay-cool handles remain comfortable, plus the contoured design offers an easier grip.

Flared rims prevent dribble while drizzling sauces.

Now, all but the two fry pans include stainless steel lids. But, the 3-quart saucepan lid fits the 8″ skillet, and saute cover fits the 10”, though not perfectly.


  • Made in the USA.
  • Rugged 5-layer build with aluminum for rapid heat spread; a solid steel core for warp resistance.
  • Brushed finish resists stuck-on food for easier clean-up.
  • Compatible with all cooktops, including induction. Oven & broiler safe up to 600℉.
  • Dishwasher-safe.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Expensive.
  • A slight learning curve to cooking delicate foods without sticking.
  • Steel can be hard to clean.

Lower-priced alternative: Legend 5-ply stainless steel cookware set.


GreenPan SearSmart, 10-Piece | Best Ceramic Cookware for Electric Stove Top

Included in this set (Pieces sold individually are linked):

  • 8” fry pan & 10” fry pan
  • 1.5-quart & 2.25-quart covered saucepans
  • 3-quart covered saute pan
  • 5-quart covered casserole

GreenPan’s SearSmart ranks as the brand’s best pots and pans for electric stoves.

It combines the safe, non-stick ease of ceramic coatings with the flavor-boosting texture of cast iron. Aluminum’s superb heat conduction is the cherry on top.

But this isn’t regular aluminum… The SearSmart’s Duoforged aluminum base undergoes hard-anodization twice. It’s (much) more robust, offering better warp resistance than even stainless steel.


Rated 4.6 stars with 600+ Amazon reviews

Yet hard-anodized weighs less, so it’s more gentle on glass tops and easier to handle. It spreads heat better, too, so hot spots aren’t an issue. These pans heat evenly despite mismatched burner sizes.

And to guarantee even heating, GreenPan fixes each pot with an extra-thick base. These bottoms ensure the pans always sit flat on the stove – a common issue with aluminum.

On top of the base sits GreenPan’s best non-stick coating. Multi-layered Thermolon Diamond Advanced.

This sand-based, diamond-infused ceramic layer is free from PFAS. So, the coating remains safe, even if you overheat. Of course, eggs, pancakes, sauces, and other delicate foods slide from these pans easily.

With multiple layers and diamond infusion, SearSmart’s coating easily outlasts other GreenPan models. You’ll find many customers note this in their reviews.

Cleanup? It’s even easier than cooking, as SearSmart has another secret weapon against sticking—

The unique texture of its coating.

Tiny peaks and valleys on the surface give food fewer places to contact and fuse to the hot pan. This makes cleanup less demanding and gives food a crispier texture!

Each pan, minus the two fry pans, includes a tempered glass lid to lock in moisture yet allow visibility. They’re oven-safe up to 425℉.


  • Duoforged hard-anodized body for optimal heat spread, strength, & warp defense.
  • Textured PTFE-free non-stick ceramic coating with diamond for ease, durability, safety, & flavorful browning.
  • Effortless to clean by hand.
  • Full Efficiency body: Innovative design fits the same food volume from a 12” pan in a 10,” saving space & weight.
  • Works on all stovetops, except induction.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Pricey
  • GreenPan claims this set is dishwasher-safe & oven-safe up to 600°F. Avoid the dishwasher as it diminishes the non-stick lifespan. Also, don’t go higher than 400°F.

Where else it’s available: Buy direct from GreenPan & pay in four interest-free installments with Klarna.

Lower-priced alternatives: Cuisinart Ceramica, GreenPan Prime Midnight, or GreenPan Chatham Black


T-Fal Ultimate Hard-Anodized, 14-Piece | Best Non-Stick Pans for Electric Stove

Included in this set (Pieces sold individually are linked):

Now, I don’t usually recommend PTFE-coated cookware. But when speaking of Teflon, T-Fal delivers the safest and overall best pots and pans for electric stoves.

My parents have owned the Ultimate Hard-Anodized line for almost two years now. Despite daily use, everything still performs (and looks) like new.

We can thank a few things for that—


Rated 4.8 stars with 19,000+ Amazon reviews

First is the rugged hard-anodized aluminum body. It prevents cookware from warping, so these pans always sit flat and heat evenly. In fact, my parents use a gas stove, and despite the extreme heat swings, still no warping.

Second, T-Fal infuses titanium into the PFOA-free, non-stick coating. It maintains the non-stick ability for longer as titanium improves scratch resistance. (Scratching is a big reason cookware loses its “non-stickiness” quickly.)

After hundreds of uses, my mom still uses zero oil, yet the pans almost rinse clean without scrubbing. But she also doesn’t use metal utensils – I recommend doing the same.

My favorite feature, however, is the ThermoSpot indicator in each pan’s center. It helps prevent overheating the Teflon, making these pans safer than competing options.

Simply crank your stove’s dial to low-medium and wait for the center indicator to turn solid red.

At that point, your pan is preheated and ready to cook perfectly. But, not so hot the Teflon starts off-gassing chemicals. There’s no need to crank the heat higher, as these pans are super-efficient.

You can also get away with oven cooking, but I suggest never surpassing 400℉.

Each pan’s silicone-wrapped handle stays comfortable while providing a secure grip. And the silicone won’t melt like plastic-coated handles often do.

This set includes tempered glass lids for everything but the 8” and 10.25” skillets and square griddle. Lid steam vents trap enough moisture for tender meals yet improve visibility.


  • Anti-warping, even-heat base made from thick, hard-anodized aluminum. Always sits flat on your glass top or coils.
  • Titanium-infused, PFOA-free Teflon coating for long-lasting non-stick performance.
  • Effortless to clean by hand.
  • Thermo Spot technology ensures you never overheat the Teflon coating. Also, you’ll reach the perfect temperature to cook delicious meals without scorching.
  • Works on all cooktops except induction.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Not dishwasher-safe (even if the brand claims so, never put nonstick in the dishwasher).
  • Not metal utensil-safe.


Cuisinart Multiclad Pro, 12-Piece | Best Budget Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Included in this set (Pieces sold individually are linked):

The Multiclad Pro is Cuisinart’s best cookware set for electric stoves, although it performs on any cooktop.

It ‌closely mirrors All-Clad’s premium D3 line, yet it’s half the price.

These pans begin with a smooth-polished 18/10 stainless steel interior. It resists sticking surpisingly well, better than I expected.


Rated 4.6 stars with 9,000+ Amazon reviews

The brushed exterior wards off fingerprints and smudges for even easier care.

On the bottom sits a hardened steel base. It reinforces the pan, improving warp defense to ensure your cookware doesn’t bulge. That alone helps prevent uneven heating.

Plus, the Heat Surround technology almost guarantees no hot spots—

Heat Surround is a thick aluminum core stretching from center to rim. It carries heat throughout the entire pan in seconds, so food always cooks evenly. This feature is helpful when, for example, your pan is too big (or small) for your stove’s heating element.

Another thing you’ll appreciate is this set’s moderate weight…

It’s gentle enough to avoid damaging glass tops yet won’t easily slide while you stir. Along with the stay-cool handles, you’ll never strain your wrists or burn your hands.

Helper handles (on larger pots) aid in cleaning and serving straight from the pan.

Now, everything but the skillets includes a stainless steel lid (oven-safe up to 550℉). But the 3-quart saucepan lid fits the 10” skillet; the steamer cover fits the 8”.


  • Rugged 3-layer construction with 18/10 stainless steel exterior & Heat Surround aluminum core.
  • Smooth-polished cooking surface to prevent sticking.
  • Dishwasher-safe & metal utensil-safe.
  • Compatible with all cooktops, including induction. Oven & broiler-safe to 550℉ (both cookware & lids).
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • A slight learning curve to cooking delicate foods without sticking.
  • Steel can be hard to clean.

Lower-priced alternative: Cuisinart TPS-10 Classic Tri-ply.


Cuisinart Ceramica XT, 11-Piece | Best Budget Non-Stick Pans for Electric Cookers

Included in this set (Pieces sold individually are linked):

  • 8” skillet & 10” skillet
  • 1.5-quart & 2.5-quart covered saucepans
  • 3-quart covered saute pan
  • 6-quart covered stockpot
  • Steamer insert (fits the 2.5-quart saucepan)

On a budget? Cuisinart’s Ceramica XT is one of the best cooking sets for electric stoves at this price.

It combines aluminum’s heat conduction with non-stick ceramic’s safety and ease. But the coating sets it apart from others in this price range—


Rated 4.6 stars with 3,000+ Amazon reviews

Ceramica’s non-stick coating cooks sticky foods easily. And it does so with very little oil use – ideal for those cutting calories. Plus, it remains safe if overheated, as it’s made from ceramic and 100% PFAS-free!

But like T-Fal above, Cuisinart adds titanium to the ceramic coating… An uncommon feat in such low-priced cookware sets.

The titanium improves scratch resistance, prolonging the coating’s lifespan. So, it’ll remain easy to cook with and clean for longer than pans without titanium.

Underneath the coating sits a thick aluminum core to spread heat quickly without hot spots. Plus, each pan is lightweight, so it’s safe on glass top stoves and easy for anyone to maneuver.

Yet, aluminum can warp fairly easily. That’s why each pan’s exterior has a protective metallic finish and reinforced steel base. Both help prevent warping, so these pans sit flat on your stove without hot spots.

You’ll find the silicone-wrapped handles are hard to beat when it comes to comfort. They stay cool, and the silicone provides a comfortable, easy grip. Plus, they won’t melt.

The included tempered glass lids allow perfect visibility to track your meal.

Cuisinart claims this set is oven-safe up to 350℉ for 20 minutes. I suggest sticking to these limits to avoid harming the finish.

Despite the advanced coating, quality materials, and generous lifetime warranty, this complete set remains well under $150 – something you don’t find often.


  • Very affordable.
  • Rugged aluminum base with steel bottom & protective metallic finish to prevent warping & discoloration.
  • 100% Teflon-free, non-stick ceramic coating for easy & safe cooking & cleaning.
  • Titanium-reinforced for durability & prolonged non-stick lifespan.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Not dishwasher or metal utensil-safe.

Where else it’s available: Available for purchase from Sur La Table.


Lagostina Martellata, 10-Piece | Quickest Heating Cookware Set

Included in this set (Pieces sold individually are linked):

One of the main drawbacks to electric stoves is their slow heat response. You lose some control over your meal, as you can’t adjust temperatures as quickly as gas stoves.

So, you want cookware that heats fast. Natural copper cookware is the best heat-spreader, but it’s costly.

Lagostina’s innovative 3-layer cookware offers the fast, even heating of copper at a fraction of the price—


Rated 4.5 stars with 800+ Amazon reviews

They do this by ‌integrating an 18/10 stainless interior, an aluminum core, and a responsive copper bottom.

With a non-reactive 18/10 interior, you can sear, saute, and simmer acidic foods without concern. It can also handle metal utensils and high heat.

But with the copper bottom, this cookware shines for temperature-sensitive meals demanding consistent and precise heat…  That’s because the copper directly interacts with your stove’s heat source rather than hiding in the core.

You can expect a rapid heat response as soon as you twist the dial. Also, enjoy even browning and zero hot spots, which reduces food scorching and sticking.

One customer sums this up nicely:

“Simmering delicate sauces goes flawlessly as well as quick stir-frying at high heat. Making a roux was easy, and I did not worry about it getting too brown. So far I have not burned anything and I cook a lot!”

Although the pans heat well, the handles do not. Thanks to their stay-cool design, you’ll cook only the food, not your hand. Rolled edges make it easy to pour liquids without messy dribbles.

Lagostina has you covered for your roasting needs, too. Both the cookware and stainless steel lids are oven/ broiler-safe to 500°F.


  • Stylish; makes a statement in your kitchen.
  • Rugged 3-layer stainless steel construction with 100% copper bottom for rapid heat response & control.
  • Dishwasher & metal utensil safe.
  • Works on all stovetops except induction. Oven & broiler safe up to 500°F.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Pricey.
  • Copper may discolor over time (doesn’t affect performance). But you can restore it with copper polish.
  • A slight learning curve to cooking delicate foods without sticking.
  • Steel can be hard to clean.


Caraway Ceramic, 9-Piece | Space-Saving Non-Stick Pans for Electric Cooktops

Included in this set (Pieces sold individually are linked):

Caraway offers the ease we crave from Teflon without the safety concerns. That’s because Caraway’s non-stick ceramic coating is entirely PFAS-free.

Yet, it’s more durable and heats better than other ceramic pans for two reasons—

First, we can thank Caraway for using multiple ceramic layers instead of one (most companies use single layers). Eggs and pancakes slide easily from these pans, despite little (or no) cooking oil.


Rated 4.8 stars with 33,000+ reviews

And with multiple layers, the coating will perform well for much longer. Afterward, clean-up takes seconds.

And the best part is safety. Ceramic coatings remain safe up to 800°F. Compare this to traditional Teflon coatings, which begin fuming at 464°F.

Second, we can thank Caraway’s top-notch heating performance and warp resistance.

Their heavy-gauge aluminum core is thicker than most competitors. It doesn’t only heat fast; it holds heat surprisingly well due to its mass. As a result, cooking temperatures remain steady, and food cooks more evenly, especially with lower heat simmering. Scorching won’t be an issue here.

But more importantly, Caraway will always sit flat on coils or glass tops; it’s not easy to warp these pans. We can thank the thicker construction, along with a hardened steel bottom.

Now, the brand claims their pans are oven-safe to 550°F, but I would avoid surpassing 400°F. Using high-heat with ANY non-stick coating will shorten its lifespan.

However, Caraway makes up for this limitation by including an innovative magnetic storage rack. You can tuck it away in the smallest cabinets and spaces to save kitchen space.

The included cast aluminum lids slip into the bonus hanging cloth holder. Simply hang your covers inside a cabinet door, on the wall, or wherever else you want to avoid clutter.

Side note: The fry pan doesn’t have a lid, but the Dutch oven’s cover fits it.


  • Multi-layered non-stick ceramic coating. Easy cooking & cleaning without harmful fumes.
  • Fast-heating & warp-resistant heavy-gauge aluminum core.
  • Includes a magnetic storage rack & hanging cloth lid holder for easy, space-saving storage.
  • Available in six trendy color options: Navy, Sage, Gray, Marigold, Cream, & Perracotta (terracotta/ pink blend).
  • Works on all cooktops, including induction.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • Pricey.
  • Not dishwasher or metal utensil-safe.
  • Relatively short warranty period.


GreenPan Valencia Pro, 11-Piece | Best Induction-Compatible Set

Included in this set (Pieces sold individually are linked):

The Valencia Pro is GreenPan’s second-best cookware line. It too features a sleek, PTFE-free ceramic coating that makes sticky foods a breeze.

Yet its exclusive Magneto base sets the Valencia Pro apart from others… More on that in a second.

GreenPan uses fast-heating, hard-anodized aluminum for the pan’s body. It’s 3x stronger than untreated aluminum, so it will not easily warp.

By staying flat on your stovetop, the pan will heat more evenly. Plus, aluminum is highly responsive, giving you better temperature control with slow-heating electric stoves.


Rated 4.5 stars with 1,000+ Amazon reviews

But back to the unique Magneto base, which consists of a thick iron/ copper blend—

The dense iron further reinforces the base to prevent warping. It also helps the cookware retain heat, keeping pan temperatures steady during the stove’s heat cycles. Food cooks more evenly and burns less.

Yet, iron heats slowly – that’s where the copper comes in. It helps keep the pan responsive to sudden heat adjustments.

This set is easy to clean, too. Despite little oil, eggs, bacon, pancakes, and other sticky foods slide from these pans with a wrist tilt. Plus, the sleek ceramic coating contains thousands of diamond bits for optimal scratch defense. This equals longer-lasting non-stick performance.

Now, like Caraway, GreenPan claims this set is safe with metal utensils, the dishwasher, and the oven up to 600℉. But I advise you to avoid all three if you want the “non-stickiness” to last.

The Valencia Pro features riveted stay-cool steel handles for added comfort and security. Self-basting glass lids (oven-safe to 425℉) let you track cooking progress and keep food juicy. All but the fry pans include a cover.


  • Hard-anodized aluminum body for optimal heat spread, strength, & warp defense.
  • Diamond-reinforced ceramic non-stick (PFAS-free) for easy, safe cooking & cleaning.
  • Magneto base adds durability; improves heat spread & retention to cook & brown food evenly.
  • Includes free protector pads to stack your cookware safely in the cabinet.
  • Works on all cooktops, including induction.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Pricey.
  • Should never use the oven, dishwasher, or metal utensils to ensure a good lifespan.

Where else it’s available: Buy direct from GreenPan & pay in four interest-free installments with Klarna.

Lower-priced alternatives: Cuisinart Ceramica, GreenPan Chatham, or GreenLife Soft Grip Pro.


Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Skillet (10.25″) | Most Versatile Pan

Cast iron is a true kitchen workhorse; there’s almost nothing you can’t do with it. But, it’s not always the best pan for electric stoves (mainly glass tops) due to its weight and texture.

Yet, maybe you swear by cast iron. If so, there’s no better pan for electric stovetops than Le Creuset’s enameled cookware.

They shape this pan from a single chunk of high-quality French iron. Its warp resistance is off the charts, so it’ll always sit flat on your stove.


Rated 4.7 stars with 4,000+ Amazon reviews

Each pan’s high-quality glass enamel seals the surface, leaving no exposed iron. It’s smooth as ice, so no scratching of glass top stoves.

The enamel offers more versatility, too… The pan will not react with acidic foods like raw cast iron. So you gain the freedom to cook any ingredient without your food tasting like metal. You also don’t worry about non-stick coatings burning or peeling.

Yet, with proper preheating and a dab of oil, you can whip up eggs without sticking. For dinner, crank the heat to sear fish or meat, or lower it back down to simmer delicate sauces. For dessert, fry donuts or oven-bake skillet brownies, as this pan is oven-safe up to 500°F (260°C).

It’s also easier to care for than raw cast iron. The pan will not rust when air drying; it’s also dishwasher-safe!

Now, all that said, enameled cast iron still heats slowly. So, you’ll need to set the heat properly and let the pan get hot. It’s also heavy, so be gentle.

But once you nail your heat settings and preheating, you’ll enjoy this pan’s unmatched browning and searing abilities.


  • Made in France for almost 100 years.
  • High-quality enameled cast iron; sears & browns better than any other cookware material.
  • Rust-proof & dishwasher-safe. No need for seasoning layers.
  • Metal utensil-safe (but be gentle – don’t chip the enamel).
  • Non-reactive with acidic foods, unlike raw cast iron.
  • Compatible with all cooktops. Oven-safe up to 500°F
  • The smooth texture will not scratch glass top stoves.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Pricey.
  • Heavy.
  • Avoid prolonged high heat broiling – it can crack the enamel.
  • Be careful not to drop the pan as it may chip the enamel.

Where else it’s available: Buy direct from Le Creuset here.

Lower-priced alternative: Lodge 11″ enameled cast iron skillet.

Buying Factors | What to Look For When Browsing the Best Pans for Electric Stoves

Below are the materials and features that make the best cookware for electric stoves. But first, let me clarify that we’re not talking about induction.

Induction stoves are technically electric, but they work much differently. That’s a separate post altogether.

Here, we’re discussing the best pots and pans for electric coil stoves and glass tops. Simply put, stoves using electricity to heat the bottom of the pan physically.

So if you continue browsing pots to use on electric cooktops, it’s vital to check the following:

#1 Flat & Smooth Bottoms

Unlike cookware for gas stoves, the best pots for electric stoves must lay flat on your stovetop without wobble.

Suppose sections of the pan aren’t contacting the heating element (either the coils or glass-ceramic surface)… In that case, no heat will transfer to those spots.

Uneven pans cook food unevenly, demanding you constantly stir your meal to counteract the cold spots.

So, on electric stoves, you shouldn’t use cookware with rounded bottoms (think woks).

More importantly, your cookware must stay flat over time, not warping. Hence, it’s essential to pair flat bottoms with warp-resistant materials and designs. We’ll cover that next (#2).

Also, pans for glass stoves need to have smooth bottoms. Avoid raw cast iron on glass tops as it’ll scratch the surface.

#2 Durable, Conductive Materials & Designs

Some cookware materials heat way too slowly. Others warp too easily, which we know is fatal for electric stove pans as they must lay flat.

Here are the materials and designs that make the best pots and pans for electric stoves:

Stainless Steel:

I’d argue stainless steel makes the overall best cooking pans for electric stoves… Any stove, really. It’s easy to care for, rugged, and offers excellent versatility, from cooking eggs to searing meats at blazing heat. 

Steel doesn’t warp easily, either, so it stays flat on your stove’s burner.

Yet, steel is a poor heat conductor (by itself), so it may cook slowly and unevenly. And remember, electric ranges heat slower than gas.

That’s why I recommend fully-clad steel cookware for electric stoves. Layers of aluminum or copper sit in the pan’s core and spread heat quicker and more evenly.

Hard-Anodized Aluminum:

Aluminum cookware spreads heat quickly and evenly, second only to copper. It’s lightweight, too, making some of the best cookware for glass top stoves.

But, aluminum warps relatively easily, which affects its performance. It also leaches into acidic foods; some reports claim it leaves residue on glass tops.

So with aluminum, the best cookware for electric stoves is hard-anodized.

“Hard-anodized” aluminum is 3x stronger than untreated aluminum. It limits sticking, prevents aluminum from leaching, and doesn’t warp easily.

Also, pay attention to the pan’s thickness.

Thicker aluminum pans are harder to warp. They also retain heat better than thinner options, which helps brown food better and stick less.


Copper spreads heat 52% faster than aluminum, giving you even more control over your meal. When you adjust the heat dial, the pan reflects those adjustments quickly.

Even slightly-warped copper pans work well on electric stoves as copper vastly reduces cold spots.

But, copper pots and pans are costly and react with acidic foods if uncoated.

So, I don’t recommend pure (uncoated) copper cookware for electric stoves. I do suggest cookware containing copper—

For example, multi-layer stainless steel pans with copper cores. The core harnesses copper’s heat conduction while keeping prices lower.

Side note: Those inexpensive “copper” non-stick pans aren’t copper. They are copper-colored aluminum.

A Note on Raw Cast Iron & Stoneware:

Raw cast iron is inexpensive, lasts for life, and sears beautifully. But it (and stoneware) can be risky on glass top stoves, as they have rough textures.

Also, both materials are heavy and may crack the cooking surface. So, try to avoid them on smooth tops. They’re safe on coil tops; however, they heat slowly. Always allow time to preheat.

Enameled cast iron, on the other hand, is smooth and won’t scratch glass tops. But it’s still heavy. So if you decide to use it on your glass top, be gentle when setting the pan down.

Once you nail proper preheating, cast iron can be one of the best pans for electric stoves. I can vouch for this, as I currently have a coil stove and use cast iron ‌primarily.

#3 Number of Pieces

How often do you cook, and for how many people?

If you live alone, I recommend not buying a large set.  Instead, grab a smaller collection or a few items separately, for example:

A fully-clad 10-12” stainless steel pan (main workhorse), paired with an 8-10” non-stick skillet for eggs. Then, add a saute and maybe a versatile saucepan you can use for sauces, pasta, rice, etc.

That combo will cook most meals and save you money.

For larger families, you may want a complete set of 10+ pieces. These include various-sized skillets, saucepans, sautes, stock pots, steamer baskets, and other accessories.

The point is, think about what you’d use most regularly. Don’t overbuy.

#4 Proper Pan Sizing

Part of getting the best cookware for electric stoves is proper pan sizing.

Always note the sizes of your stove’s heating elements. (i.e., the coils on coil tops, or the circles defining the “burner” on glass tops.)

Make sure whichever pans you get more or less match the sizes of your burners.

Remember, portions of cookware not touching the burner will cause uneven heating. Fortunately, cookware size doesn’t matter as much for highly conductive pans (ex., aluminum skillets). They spread heat beautifully.

#5 Non-Stick Coatings

I recommend to avoid PTFE and instead go with ceramic-based non-stick coatings (#2, #5, #7, & #8 above). Why?

Temperatures over 464°F can release unhealthy fumes from Teflon… And non-stick pans on electric stoves can reach that heat in minutes, especially while preheating.

Because of this risk, companies ditched PFOA – the toxic chemical used to make Teflon. But, the chemicals that replaced it aren’t much safer, the EPA states.

Unless you get something like T-Fal (#3) with safety features to prevent overheating, you’re better off avoiding Teflon.

Non-stick ceramic is 100% PTFE-free, using a sand-based coating that’s reportedly safe past 800°F.

Frequently Asked Questions

What pans are good for electric stoves?

The best pots and pans for electric stove tops are made from stainless steel (with conductive cores), copper, or hard-anodized aluminum.

Do you need special pots for electric stoves?

Not necessarily. Just ensure the pans have flat bottoms that sit evenly on the stove. Also, they’re durable, won’t easily warp, and conduct heat quickly and evenly.

Can you use cast iron on electric stoves?

Yes, cast iron is safe to use on coil-top electric stoves. It does heat slowly, however, so you’ll need to adjust cooking times to let the pan preheat. Avoid raw cast iron on glass top stoves as its texture can scratch the surface. It’s also heavy, so be gentle when setting it down.

What should you not use on a glass top stove?

The best pots and pans for glass top stoves must be free from rough textures. Avoid raw cast iron and stoneware as they scratch the cooktop easily. Enameled cast iron makes the best pans for glass cooktops, as they’re smooth and non-scratch. Yet, enameled iron is still heavy, so be careful not to crack the glass.

Can you use aluminum pots on electric stoves?

Yes, aluminum pots work perfectly on gas and electric cooktops. Aluminum is inexpensive, lightweight, and spreads the slow electric stove heat quickly and evenly throughout the pan. It will not damage glass tops, either. But, aluminum can warp; that’s why it’s crucial to buy “hard-anodized.” It’s 3x stronger.

Can I use an induction pan on an electric stove?

Yes, you can use induction cookware on electric stoves. Induction compatibility simply means the pan is magnetic. (Induction stoves transfer electromagnetic current to the pan, creating heat.) However, gas and electric stoves apply heat externally to the pan, so any will work.

How do you clean glass top stoves?

Wipe the surface with a soft sponge and vinegar after each use. For stubborn stains, spray the surface with vinegar, then sprinkle baking soda over the top. Lay a hot, damp towel over this mixture for 10-15 minutes. Finally, remove the towel and wipe away the residue with a clean, soft cloth.

Recap & Conclusion | What are the best pans for electric stoves?

This concludes the best pots and pans for electric stoves. Let’s recap:

The best pans for electric stoves are made from durable, conductive materials and designs and have flat bottoms.

These include fully-clad stainless steel pans with conductive cores, copper-cored pans, and hard-anodized cookware, preferably coated with ceramic over Teflon.

We reviewed the best cookware for electric stoves by testing in-house and reviewing scientific research and hundreds of testimonials.

So, which set will you choose?

P.S. If you’re gifting cookware to a gas stove user, explore our complete guide on the best cookware for gas stoves.

Adam Heck
Adam Heck

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