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Sustainable Food Storage

sustainable food storage
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With so many great Eco-friendly options to store food out there, it can be hard to get started. We see tons of different offers all over the internet of sustainable products and it can be daunting. So why not use some options that are already available to you for sustainable food storage?

I came across this great info-graphic that explains different ways you can store your food without plastic. Best of all, it’s using many items that I’m sure you already have! From the more obvious to the less, I think we can all take away some great ideas. I’ll list some of them here:

Sustainable Food Storage Ideas

  1. Store onions and potatoes in basket and a dark space
  2. Keep glass jars from some of your grocery items, such as tomato sauce, and reuse them for loose bulk foods
  3. Use those jars for leftovers, or just put a plate over your leftovers and stick em in the fridge
  4. Stand celery in a cup of water. You can also float carrots in water, perhaps in one of those glass jars.
  5. Get loose bread from the bakery department and wrap it in cloth or a pillow case. If you have a wooden bread bin, place it in there.
  6. Wrap your beans and peas in a damp cloth
  7. If you have leafy greens, you can cut the ends of the stems off and stand them in a glass of water
  8. Wrap your lettuce in a cotton tea towel and fridge


So there you have it! We clearly see here that there are plenty of little things we can do for sustainable food storage. We’ve shown how to reduce use of and exposure to plastic, using simple means that are available to mostly any of us.

One day at a time, we can all do our part to reduce the wasteful footprint on our world.