Sippy Lid Instructions

First Things First

When your stainless steel cups with lids arrive, the first thing we encourage you to do is a quick rinse of the cups and lids before use. From now on, you’ll notice how easily these cups wipe clean. Everything is also completely dishwasher safe, the lids we recommend putting on the top shelf of the dishwasher. So go on, get em messy!

Lid Application


1. Fill your cup with the desired beverage.

2. Using several fingers from each hand, pinch the inside bottom of the sippy lid and stretch outward.

Stainless steel sippy cup


3. Now, use the backside of your fingers to keep the cup steady as you pull the lid onto the cup. 

4. Once the lid is on the cup, you can simply grab the raised side grips on the lid and pull the lid down further onto the cup if desired. 

stainless steel cups with lids

Lid Removal

When it’s time to remove the lids, you have a couple of options:

1. If there is still liquid in the cup, you can pull the lid mostly off using the raised side grips. Then, like when you applied the lid, pinch the bottom of the lid and use the backs of your fingers to support the cup as you pull the lid off. (This is best done in the sink just in case)

2. If there is no drink in the cup, you can just pinch the bottom of the lid with one hand while holding the cup with the other and pull the lid right off. These are very durable so you can absolutely be rough with them.

3. If there are still liquids in the cup but #1 is being tricky, you can empty the contents by holding the cup upside down and squeezing the sippy spout to open up the hole, releasing the contents of your cup. And then proceed with #2.

Best Practices

When applying your silicone sippy lids, we recommend that you do not over-stretch the lids when pulling them down. As shown by the image above with arrows, the lid’s bottom is pulled about halfway down the cup. Use this is a good indicator of how far to stretch them down onto your steel cups.

Also, you can see by the top arrow how the lid is not completely flat, but rather slightly rounded. This is a good thing to see. If the lid is overly stretched, you’ll notice the top is completely flat and the lid’s bottom is close to the bottom of the cup.

This over-stretching can eventually result in a tear. The lids will remain fully functional without needing to muscle em super tight!

 However, if you do ever experience a silicone lid tear, just contact us and we’ll replace it!


We hope these instructions are helpful to you and we’re extremely excited that you’ve chosen our product for your family! We know you’re gonna love our steel sippy cups and we salute you for taking an actionable step towards a healthier family and planet! If you have any questions about our stainless steel cups with lids, please contact us anytime!