Avoiding Teflon


3 Easy Alternatives to Non-stick Pans (Guide & Live Test)

Teflon coatings present a slew of health risks. “PFOA-free” non-stick pans aren’t much better (which we’ll cover). So, I set out to find the best alternatives to Teflon pans and came back with three to test in the best way I know how – cook eggs. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use these materials as Teflon alternatives, what to do if food still sticks, buying tips, and top brand picks for all three.

best nonstick pans without teflon

7 Truly Best Non-Stick Pans without Teflon (2023 Reviews)

Is Teflon still dangerous? Do all non-stick pans contain Teflon? What are the best non-stick pans without Teflon – if any? With so much controversy today around non-stick cookware, these questions are warranted. Most of the “healthy” non-stick pans available contain PFAS. The truth is, there are only four non-Teflon, non-stick pan materials, which we’ll cover here and much more. Plus, we’ll review the nine best Teflon-free non-stick pans available.


Top 7 Non-Toxic Waffle Makers in 2024: PFAS-Free Picks

At high temperatures, standard Teflon-coated waffle irons emit fumes containing at least 15 toxic particles. And this toxic “cocktail” creates a slew of health concerns. What’s to blame? PFAS. The good news? True non-Teflon waffle makers exist, although far and few. Below, you’ll find the 7 best ceramic waffle makers without Teflon, along with how to find them moving forward, risks of PFAS, and why “PFOA-free” waffle makers are not Teflon-free.


9 Best (& Safest) Non-Toxic Air Fryers in 2024 Reviewed

It’s no wonder that air fryers have become so popular so quickly – they’re simply awesome! But maybe you’ve seen warnings about the health risks of air fryers, leaving you wondering, “Are air fryers toxic?” Unfortunately, many contain PFAS-based non-stick coatings, a class of chemicals known to cause health issues. So here we’ll cover the dangers of PFAS, how to spot misleading safety information, and finally, review our top picks of the safest Teflon-free air fryers.


Top 9 Safe Non-Toxic Cookware Brands 2024: Tests & Reviews

Sure, eating healthy food is important. But cooking in the wrong pan threatens to unravel your efforts. Worse yet, many brands selling the “safest cookware” deceive you with clever marketing. And most of the “so-called” safest cooking pan materials (including PFOA-free cookware) are misleading. The good news? We found the 11 healthiest pots and pans to cook with today.


7 Best (& Safest) Non-Toxic Slow Cookers for your Family

Non-toxic slow cookers make life way easier (and healthier), but not if you pick the wrong one… Hence why I began with non-toxic. The truth is, some slow cooker inserts bathe your food in lead and PFAS chemicals. Even worse, some manufacturers hide their safety testing information – that is, if they’ve even tested their crock pots. So, which slow cookers are lead-free?


7 Truly Non-Toxic Bakeware Types to Crush Toxins (2023)

Elusive toxins hide in plain sight, with a large number lurking right in your bakeware. Worse, many so-called non-toxic baking sheets aren’t as safe as you think. But in this post, you’ll discover the harmful materials to avoid (including less-safe colors), along with the six best and safest bakeware materials and top brand picks for each (#7 is a bonus).