About Us

Helping frustrated, Eco-conscious parents replace their children’s cheap plastic tableware with smart alternatives to live a healthier life

My name is Adam and I started Tgl Designs because I’m on a journey. I’m on this journey to help parents who are sick and tired of cheap plastic around their children.

My plan is to turn them from “confused on where to start” – to being Eco-conscious, informed and equipped parents.

Why would you want to be informed and equipped Eco-conscious parents?

Because you may have seen the studies of which plastic DOES indeed leach chemicals into yours and your child’s food and beverages, causing developmental problems.

Or you’re extremely aware of all the plastics wreaking havoc among our environment and causing pollution and death among our wildlife.

Regardless of the motivation, we know that at the end of the day you just want to be a good parent.

We provide the knowledge and tableware required to help alleviate these concerns and help you to be the hero parent you truly are!

How I got started…

Like you, I became frustrated with all the plastic around children, knowing the harm it can cause.

But after my beautiful niece and nephew were born, it sent me on this path to help not only my family – but countless families!

So I got the idea to start this movement where I connect with members of this community.

We discuss topics on helpful content that I create or share and we work together towards developing functional and safe products for our youth.

I figured out how to use a computer, did a million hours of research on materials, and then started testing to see what works.

So far we have our popular stainless steel kid’s cups which are loved by many!

You can find them as well as many other steel sippy cup ideas right here!

Moving forward, we’re going to continue to build and release new, more innovative and plastic-free products as my journey proceeds.

You can find tons of actionable tips, strategies and product reviews of going “plastic-free” in our blog by clicking right here!

We automatically provide 24/7 email support, a support text hotline and a free 1-year unlimited warranty on our products where if anything is missing or damaged, you just email/ text us and free replacements will be at your front door within days.

So go ahead and browse our site by using the Menu up above (if you’re on mobile, click the icon in the top corner of your screen!)

And dont forget to download our FREE Eco-Tablware Guide below!

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