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Best Sippy Cups for your Kids

best sippy cups

The majority of children’s cups on the market have always been made from plastics. But does plastic create the best sippy cups?

They are easy to clean and generally pretty durable. However lately the modern world is realizing more and more the dangers associated with plastic chemicals (i.e. BPA).

These chemicals can potentially leach into your kid’s drinks and cause health implications down the road.

Studies have found that when plastic is stressed (stressed meaning heated, scratched, or exposed to sunlight) these plastics can leach chemicals into the beverage.

Choosing Best Sippy Cup Materials

Choosing the best sippy cup materials doesn’t need to be complicated.

The healthiest options include stainless steel, glass, and silicone.

Glass is a nice option for bypassing plastic issues but is obviously a heavier material and breakable.

Glass is better as the children get a little older and more careful.

Stainless steel eliminates the issues surrounding plastics. It has many benefits including being lightweight, easy to clean, and super durable.

Silicone is used in many cups and lids that have soft spouts, straws, or valves.

It’s a soft, pliable material that won’t injure your baby’s gums and is also free of plastic, eliminating those concerns. All of these are dishwasher safe.

Choosing Best Sippy Cup Style

Next, you’ll decide if you want a straw, spout, or regular lip. Most parents start their children with cups that have a soft spout.

It is the closest thing to a nipple, so naturally, babies will have an easier time adjusting to it.

You’ll also want to make sure the cup is spill-proof.

Many sippy cups are spill-resistant but preferably you want something that’s totally leak proof.

Babies will play with the cups and turn them upside down frequently, so a watertight seal is recommended.

You should also consider the longevity of the cup.

Stainless steel and glass cups are more expensive up front, but they also tend to last for years.

Glass however has the risk of breaking from drops.

So seemingly stainless steel is the winner here.

Chances are unless you lose it, you’ll have a stainless cup for the duration of your toddler’s childhood.

Stainless Steel Cups with Lids

Stainless Steel Cups with Lids

Us, along with many of our customers believe our 8 oz Stainless steel cups with lids are simply the best cups for toddlers.

What are these?

They are made from rust-proof 304-grade Stainless Steel and include spill-proof silicone lids.

All parts have been FDA approved and contain NO plastic and NO harmful chemicals or toxins.

This solves the issue of plastic exposure to your children.

The steel makes these cups 100% unbreakable, so they’ll hold up to any amount of abuse, solving the issue with glass.

Once you stretch the sippy lid onto your kid’s cup, it will stay watertight even if the cup is shaken violently, thrown, or dropped on the floor. Perfect!

The insides of the cups undergo a process called electropolishing.

Sounds fancy but it’s basically a process that further improves corrosion resistance, removes any contaminants, micro-cracks, pits, or any other surface imperfections of the steel.

It also prevents any metallic tastes. Lower quality steel cups won’t have this done and you’ll find those cups tend to rust and pit over time.

The best part is that these cups can grow with your child.

As he or she gets older and more comfortable drinking from the cups with sippy spouts, all you need to do is remove the lid to have perfect 8oz cups for several more years until a larger size is needed!

No need to go out and buy regular children’s cups after the sippy phase.

That makes these quite the transition cup for babies and toddlers.

Stainless Cups with Lids

Who are these For?

These are perfect for you if you are a parent of young toddlers and are looking for the best sippy cups that do it all, while avoiding plastic.

Here at Goodlife Designs, our mission is to connect families with safe and eco-friendly products that are functional, smart, and make your life easier!

Thanks so much for your time and I hope this post added some value to your day!

And for more tips and info on plastic-free living, visit our blog by clicking here!

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